Yoyo Casino vs Royal Bit Affiliates

Which Has a Better Affiliate Program: Yoyo Casino or Royal Bit?

An easy and effective way to find a good Bitcoin affiliate program is by reading a comparative review. This type of review matches two programs in terms of features to help you decide which program you should join.

In this review, the two programs that will be compared are those of Yoyo Casino and Royal Bit. Both casinos offer player-favorite games like slots, roulette, poker, and card gamers. But Yoyo Casino offers a live casino, while Royal Bit does not.

This review will evaluate the two casino’s affiliate programs along commission plans, marketing tools, partner support, and payment terms. Find out which between the two programs are better in this Yoyo Casino vs Royal Bit Affiliates review.

Yoyo Casino vs Royal Bit Affiliates Commission Plans

Yoyo Casino’s affiliate program is under 7Stars Partners, which also handles seven other brands: Malina Sports, Malina Casino, Casinia, BoaBoa, Cadoola, Buran Casino, and AlfCasino. As a Yoyo Casino partner, you have a chance to earn more by promoting not only Yoyo Casino, but also the other seven casinos. Another perk is that you can get 30% to 60% revenue share in this program. By default, you can get up to 55% by referring more than 25 new depositing players. But, you can request the program to give you up to 60% depending on your performance.

Similarly, Royal Bit Affiliate Program places you automatically under revenue sharing. The difference is that with Royal Bit, you can get only 25% to 40% commission. To get the highest rate, your referrals must contribute 20 BTC or more to the casino. However, getting the highest revenue share might be difficult, especially with BTC’s volatile price movement.

You can see that both programs offer the same commission plan. Also, they do not have CPA deals or any alternative commission plans. But do not worry as you have a chance to earn monthly with just the revenue sharing alone. But in terms of having the better earning structure, Yoyo Casino Affiliate Program gets the point. This program offers higher rates. Plus, it lets you easily get the max rev share rate as the requirements are not hard to attain.

Marketing Tools and Solutions

A campaign will not be complete without promotional materials. Do not worry because Yoyo Casino will provide you with marketing banners and links. Meanwhile, Royal Bit delivers banners, landing pages, demo games, and more.

Having several marketing tools can make your promotional venture easier, which is why both programs get a point in this round. These materials can help you grab the attention of potential players, resulting to more referrals monthly. In addition, there are reports provided that let you check the progress of your campaign whether you are a Yoyo Casino or Royal Bit affiliate.

Yoyo Casino vs Royal Bit Affiliates Payment Terms

Payment terms are as important as commission structures and tools. After all, Bitcoin casino affiliates want to receive their hard-earned income on time through convenient and reliable cash-out options. Fortunately, Yoyo Casino and Royal Bit Affiliate Programs pay you every fifth day of the month. The two programs will send your commission directly to your player account.

Keep in mind that the two programs impose a payment threshold. Yoyo Casino partners can withdraw a minimum of €40, While Royal Bit promoters can cash out at least 0.1 BTC.

Despite having payment thresholds, the two programs have the “no negative balance carryover” feature. This means that if you ever have a negative balance this month, you start the following month with a clean slate.

Affiliate Manager Contact and Support

The two affiliate programs offer player support features to help you connect with you partner casinos easily. You can email the support teams of Yoyo Casino and Royal Bit if you have questions or recommendations about the programs. If you want a faster response, Royal Bit Affiliate Program has a live chat function while Yoyo Casino Affiliate Program has a Skype support team.

It is great that the two programs have two support channels that you can use. This shows that both programs are willing to help you with your concerns, especially that the support channels are open 24/7.

Verdict: Yoyo Casino vs Royal Bit Affiliates

This matchup showed that the two programs are similar in many ways: they provide reliable support channels, various marketing tools, and on-time payouts. Yoyo Casino and Royal Bit Affiliate Programs make it a point that you have channels to contact your affiliate manager. Plus, you will have less worry as both programs provide you with various promotional tools and on-time payments

But the tie breaks when commission structures are mentioned. Although both programs have revenue sharing, their rev share percentages differ. You get 25% to 40% revenue share under Royal Bit Affiliate Program, while you are offered 45% to 60% rev share under Yoyo Casino Affiliate Program. There is no doubt that the commission rates presented by Yoyo Casino are better than those of Royal Bit, making the former the better program in this review.

Although Yoyo Casino does not provide any alternative or additional commission structures, its revenue sharing scheme is good enough to give you a hefty potential profit each month. Furthermore, getting the ceiling rate should be easy here because of the attainable referral count requirement. Although Royal Bit Affiliate Program put up a great fight with its set of rewarding offers, it did not have enough to beat its rival. Yoyo Casino Affiliate Program, then, takes the title of being the better program.