CryptoWild vs Silver Oak Affiliates

CryptoWild vs Silver Oak: Which Has a Better Affiliate Program?

Now that more and more Bitcoin casino affiliate programs surface online, it gets harder and harder to find the right gaming sites to establish a partnership with. But the difficulty on your end can be lessened when you know there are now referral program reviews that you can read on the web. More so, you should also not forget that there are now comparative assessments of tightly paired programs available online, particularly on this website.

CryptoWild vs Silver Oak Affiliates

To add another comparative review on our list of affiliate matchups, we give you this CryptoWild vs Silver Oak Affiliates article. CryptoWild affiliate program lets you deliver to players a great gaming experience through slots, poker, and roulette along with card, casual, jackpot, and live games. All these are from known software providers like BetSoft, Amatic, SoftSwiss, and Habanero, among others.

Silver Oak affiliate program, with the help of Ace Revenue, on the other hand, offers baccarat, blackjack, craps, slots, video poker, and other classic casino games. Powered by Realtime Gaming, these betting activities cater to worldwide players, including those in the US. But are these games enough to make you settle for a partnership with Silver Oak rather than with CryptoWild? Read on to find out.

CryptoWIld vs Silver Oak Affiliates Commission Plans

While both programs promise lifetime earnings through revenue sharing, they differ when it comes to the commission tiers. If you want a higher ceiling rev share, consider turning to CryptoWild. This casino’s referral program gives you up to 50% share of the gaming site’s net gaming revenue gained from your invites.

If you do not like your earnings to depend on the losses of your referred players, you can choose being a Silver Oak partner. The casino’s affiliate program gives you up to 45% rev share. Although lower than that of CryptoWild, this rate shall be enough as the tiers for the rev sharing scheme of the program depend on the number of players you refer per month.

Marketing Tools and Solutions

The affiliate programs of CryptoWild and Silver Oak aim to make your Bitcoin affiliate marketing venture easier. That is why either program gives you access to an array of promotional materials that serve the purpose of making potential players click through for the benefit of your bankroll.

CryptoWild gives you customized banners and links and sends your players regular newsletters. Silver Oak also provides you with unique text links and catchy banners plus email messages sent to your referrals. Whether you have the former’s or the latter’s set of marketing tools, you can rest assured that all clicks through those tools shall reflect on your affiliate account. Earnings shall follow through when your invites deposit gaming funds and play with real money.

CryptoWild vs Silver Oak Affiliates Payment Terms

Whichever program you sign up for, you can be sure that the crediting of payments to your account will be on schedule. Also, you will not need to worry about the security of your funds as both programs use reliable and accredited payment channels.

Like CryptoWild, Silver Oak also pays partners every month. It is also noteworthy that CryptoWild and Silver Oak affiliate programs will not carry over your negative balances to the next month. Meaning to say, you are to start each month with a clean slate. And yes, you will not need to set off your last month’s losses anymore.

Affiliate Manager Contact and Support

It is also important that you take into consideration how reliable the support teams are of CryptoWild and Silver Oak Affiliates, respectively. Besides, it is the support team through which you can air your concerns and questions about your marketing venture.

There is no need to worry, though. Signing up as a partner of either program entitles you to professional assistance from your program manager through the support team. CryptoWild has an email channel through which you can send all your queries any time of the day. On the other hand, you can reach your Silver Oak affiliate manager via email or Skype.

Verdict: CryptoWild vs Silver Oak Affiliates

Knowing that the match between CryptoWild Affiliates and Silver Oak Affiliates are nip and tuck, you might think it is hard to decide which program keeps a sure spot on your list of options. Both partnerships are responsive to the inquiries of affiliates through email or Skype. Both are punctual when it comes to giving payments. Most of all, both are supportive to the partners as far as their need for effective marketing tools is concerned.

The catch is, there is a fine line setting the two programs apart from each other. It is the fact that one is a step ahead of the other because of a slight difference in ceiling rev share. It shall be fair, then, to declare CryptoWild as the winner in this comparative review because it offers you a rev share greater than Silver Oak’s by 5%. But while CryptoWild seems a better choice, having both CryptoWild and Silver Oak as your partner casinos can be worthy of consideration.