WildTornado vs Zigzag777 Affiliates


For you not to regret enrolling in the wrong Bitcoin affiliate program, take time reading Bitcoin casino affiliate comparison articles. These are what will tell you which of two nip-and-tuck programs offer you better deals. Now for you to get ahead, let us give you a closer look at another pair of programs that are in a head-to-head battle in this WildTornado vs Zigzag777 Affiliates roundup.

WildTornado vs Zigzag777 Affiliates Comparison

WildTornado affiliate program has just surfaced in 2017 along with the casino that runs it. Despite being one of the youngest in the industry, WildTornado Casino competes well as it has a gaming library composed of over 1,000 titles. On the other hand, Zigzag777 affiliate program promotes a casino that offers a fewer number of games. But you should not construe this as a con. Zigzag777 Casino is older than WildTornado. Most likely, it has a bigger player population.

WildTornado vs Zigzag777 Affiliates Commission Plans

So to speak, the difference in gaming libraries is not the top WildTornado vs Zigzag777 Affiliates consideration here. Remember that you join a Bitcoin referral program to earn. That is why you had better consider first comparing the earning plans offered by the programs in focus.

WildTornado gives 30% to 45% rev share to its partners. The share relies on the net gaming revenue gained by the site from your referred players. Zigzag777, on the other hand, delivers higher rates, starting with 40% up to 60% rev share. Plus, your rate would depend on how many players you invite to play on the gaming site. Although Zigzag777 has the higher rev share offer, it is WildTornado which gives you the CPA deal as an alternative earning plan.

Marketing Tools and Solutions

Also in this WildTornado vs Zigzag777 Affiliates write-up is a differentiation of the marketing materials offered by the two programs. You should never disregard what tools they have for you. These tools will be your weapons in the marketing arena.

You should know that WildTornado allows you to use mainly links and banners. Other materials are in for your use when you access your Bitcoin affiliate account. Likewise, Zigzag777 has text links and banners as your main tools. But these are not all. There are other tools they can customize for you.

WildTornado vs Zigzag777 Affiliates Payment Terms

Even if you have the best marketing tools, you can still find no satisfaction in a program whose payment terms do not meet your standards. You should, then, count this WildTornado vs Zigzag777 Affiliates section among your considerations.

It will make you happy that both programs do not carry over negative balances to the next month. But you should be happier that they also offer on-time payments. However, it is only WildTornado that lets you choose to receive your payouts in Bitcoin. Just so you know, Bitcoin gives you the benefit of faster payments. This is one reason why Zigzag777 loses over WildTornado in this round.

Affiliate Manager Contact and Support

Neither program can guarantee you glitch-free marketing. There may come times when you will have some trouble with your venture as a casino partner. Therefore, it is a must for you to have easy connection with the support team of your program. Now find out which program offers greater support in this part of this WildTornado vs Zigzag777 Affiliates review.

At a closer look, you will find that both programs are at a deadlock here. The reason is that either program will provide you with email and Skype support. Now you can rest assured that quick response gets to you immediately after you raise your concerns to the support team.

Verdict: WildTornado vs Zigzag777 Affiliates

It appears that the two programs played to a standoff in this WildTornado vs Zigzag777 Affiliates matchup. But the tie ought to break. And the breaking proceeds fairly when you give sound judgment as to why one beat the other.

Indeed, WildTornado was behind by a few points in the first part of the battle. It offers a rev share way lower than that offered by Zigzag777. However, Zigzag777 Casino does not have the CPA deal and does not cater to Bitcoin players. Neither does its affiliate program give marketers a choice to earn in Bitcoin. This is a big gaff for players and webmasters alike who deal in cryptocurrency. This means that your market will tend to be smaller when you partner with Zigzag777. But when you are with WildTornado, your market will include both fiat and Bitcoin gamers.

Also, it is noteworthy that WildTornado has a wider range of game selection than its rival. As you may notice, players like gaming sites that provide them with a lot of choices coming from top developers. Having mentioned all those reasons, it is safe to say WildTornado affiliate program wins.