NetBet vs Affiliates


Other than marketing tools, Bitcoin referral programs give you great games that will improve your affiliate campaign strategies even more. There will be slots, table games, and poker. There may even be other card games like baccarat and blackjack. And if there is a sportsbook, you get all the more marketing advantage.

NetBet vs Affiliates

With the popularity of sports betting sites, it might take you a long time searching for the best one. This is why reading reviews on casino affiliate programs is a must. It is even better when you read comparative reviews such as this one whose focus is on a pair of well-matched sports betting sites, and NetBet.

These betting sites are popular for their wide variety of casino games and sportsbook. has more games as it added to its library scratch cards and player props. But this does not mean NetBet is not a good option for you. The online gambling portal offers slots, roulette, and live casino, among others. Both gaming sites offer not just games but also great programs for interested affiliates like you. To know more about these programs and to find out which partnership is more deserving of your nod, check out this NetBet vs Affiliates comparative review.


The first thing that you should consider before you sign up as an affiliate is the earning plan presented by the program. Different casino affiliate programs offer packages that you cannot resist. In the case of the competitors in this review, gives a flat rate of 30% rev share while NetBet gives 20% to 40% rev share depending on the number of depositing players.

The 30% revenue share of is relatively a great deal. No matter how many gamers you refer, you will still earn the 30%. But NetBet’s offer goes beyond that. Depending on the number of depositing players you racked up, you can receive up to 40% rev share. Your rev share may even come with CPA earnings, under certain conditions. To reach the 40% tier, you need to refer only at least 100 first-time depositors per month.’s flat rate may be safer, but NetBet’s offer is much bigger.


The competition between and NetBet affiliates is not over yet because the marketing tools of these programs differ as well. Once you become a NetBet affiliate, you will receive a banner builder, link creator, social share tool, media resources, and data feed that can help you market the casino better. On the other hand, affiliates will allow you to use their banners and text links.

The number of marketing tools that NetBet affiliate program offers you is far greater than that of NetBet’s tools make marketing easier, giving you more chances of earning commissions. The brand, thus, takes another step ahead of its rival.


Lucky for you, both referral programs provide on-time monthly payments. All funds are directly sent to you in the first half of the month. The payment methods chosen by the two programs are secure and reliable as well. You are sure that all your commission will come complete and on time. Keep in mind that transacts in Bitcoin only while NetBet uses Euros as its main currency but it also supports crypto coins paid through Neteller.

You have to make sure, though, that you do not have a negative balance because you will be seeing it again in the following month. Both programs require you to pay off your negative balance first before your account can start being in a positive position again.


Another reason to become an affiliate of either NetBet or is the affiliate support. You can expect that these programs have professionals who will answer all your inquiries. You are assured that they will guide you along the way. Both may have reliable email assistance teams that you can turn to, but NetBet offers hotline as an additional communication channel.

Seeing that NetBet Affiliates is willing to provide you with another channel through which you can raise your concerns just shows how much the program prioritizes your needs. After all, your success is their success as well.

VERDICT: NETBET VS SPORTSBET.IO AFFILIATES and NetBet are both worth marketing. Looking at how great the packages are offered by their affiliate programs, you may find it difficult to choose which brand to sign a partnership with. Though you can consider choosing both to be your partner gaming sites, only one program can be declared as a winner in this review. Based on the comparison, both programs deliver quick and secure payments. Affiliates like you should not worry about delays or incomplete payouts.

But along other areas, NetBet stands out. It lets you use numerous marketing tools and allows you to maximize your earnings through its 40% commission plan. The program also gives you two channels through which you can ask your queries. NetBet is surely a good catch because it is one of the leading gambling portals today that provides a competitive affiliate earning package.

While affiliate program has offers that do not go on a par with those of NetBet, you can still consider signing up as a partner. There is nothing wrong with adding another program to your list. Being a partner of both brands can also help you earn more. But in case you want to choose only one, at least now you know which your better option is.