vs Argo Casino Affiliates

Squaring off in this vs Argo Casino Affiliates match-up are two programs which you may find in the list of options of most webmasters. On one corner of the ring is affiliate program. This program gets its drive from, a platform trusted by another sports betting site. You will see that the program offers a lot of games. These include sports, live betting, classic casino, poker, and vs Argo Casino Affiliates

On the opposite corner of the ring is Argo Casino affiliate program powered by Game Revenue. Enter this partnership and you have a chance to deliver to players an array of games coming from several well-known providers. These games include live casino, poker, slot, and table games. But since you ought to consider not only the gaming libraries, take a closer look at other important aspects. Find out which of the two is a better choice in this Bitcoin casino affiliate comparison. Let the battle begin! vs Argo Casino Affiliates Commission Plans lays down to you two options to earn. The first one is rev sharing. This earning plan can give you 10% to 35% of the net gaming profit your invites bring to the gaming site. The second one is the CPA deal which gives you one-time payment for each player you refer to the gaming site. Whichever earning plan you qualify for, you can still earn extra income. And that is when you refer others to’s Bitcoin affiliate program.

Argo Casino, on the other hand, gives you three earning options. You can earn via rev sharing whose range is 40% to 60%. If you want an alternative earning plan, you may choose the CPA or the hybrid deals. Apparently enough, Argo Casino hits the higher score in this vs Argo Casino Affiliates round.

Marketing Tools and Solutions

The second round of this vs Argo Casino Affiliates battle focuses on effective materials the two programs can provide you with. You shall determine here whether the programs can make your Bitcoin affiliate marketing more operative.

Beyond doubt, both programs deserve a score in this portion. Both shall help you make deals through the marketing tools they have for your use. These include banners, buttons, and text links. Utilize these well and you will see the fruit of your campaign in no time. vs Argo Casino Affiliates Payment Terms

Getting paid according to the payment terms you prefer is important. That is why we included this vs Argo Casino Affiliates section. Here, you will find out the differences between the two programs in terms of payout conditions.

First, you should know that offers Bitcoin payments to each Bitcoin affiliate. The BTC transfer happens within 15 to 30 days with negative balance carryover. Also you cannot cash out any amount below $100 for direct transfer and below $300 for Bitcoin withdrawal.

Meanwhile, Argo Casino will pay you much faster. You can expect your payments within the first 15 days of the month. You shall use the payment channel you specified when you signed up. Also, the program shall not carry over your negative balances. And if you wish to cash out your earnings, you can for as long as the amount is not below $40. Having mentioned these, see Argo Casino moves forward once again as it gains another big point.

Affiliate Manager Contact and Support

If you encounter some problems, one of the best things you can do is to contact your program manager. The faster you get a response, the better. You should check, then, if the program you will choose has a great support channel through which you can air your concerns.

Without further ado, the program that loses in this vs Argo Casino Affiliates round is, again, Although it can connect with you via email, it gets left behind by its rival. Argo Casino offers you not only email but also Skype support.

Verdict: vs Argo Casino Affiliates

There is no denying that Argo Casino got the upper hand during most of the rounds. It offers a very high rev share up to 60%. This beats the 35% ceiling rev share of the rival program. It delivers quality marketing tools. And it gives payments faster and brings forth quicker response from its support team. However, it does not offer sports betting games that has.

This vs Argo Casino Affiliates write-up shall not dictate to you, though, that you choose only Argo Casino. If you want, you can actually enroll in both programs. But if you think choosing only one between the two will serve you best, then turn to Argo Casino affiliate program. And never think twice. It is one of the best programs webmasters join today.