Joo Casino vs Planet 7 Affiliates

It pays to check out our Bitcoin casino affiliate comparison write-ups if you want to become a successful affiliate. In choosing the right partnership program, there are bound to be obstacles during the process. What we do is put the different brands side by side to show you the qualities and how these partnership programs perform for a clearer view. For this comparison, we give you Joo Casino vs Planet 7 Affiliates.

Joo Casino vs Planet 7 Affiliates

Joo Casino is home to a range of games that cover classic and modern betting activities. What most don’t know is the fact that it also has partnership programs for those who want to start earning through marketing efforts.

On the other side of this comparison, we give you Planet 7, which is a platform that caters to betting enthusiasts around the globe. In addition to that, Planet 7 introduced a partnership program from Ace Revenue affiliates that encourages everyone to be part of the growing world of iGaming and at the same time earn some money.

Revenue Share

The top priority of aspiring partners is the revenue share deals in store. Without these attractive deals, there isn’t any reason to get into affiliation. This is why gaming sites that offer affiliate marketing makes sure that everyone gets a fair share. In the case of Joo Casino vs Planet 7 Affiliates, everyone is subject to attractive partnership programs.

Joo Casino affiliate program sets new partners off with a 30% rev share deal. You can bring this up to 45% if you successfully get more users to register. Your earnings depend on how much profits the players generate for the site. Secure more registrations to secure more earnings. There’s also a CPA option if you want something different.

Planet 7 partners can earn through a rev share deal or a CPA deal. But everyone starts with a 30% model by default. Increase your monthly income and your deal can go up all the way to 45% per month.

Basically, the two brands share similar qualities when it comes to the commission deals.

Marketing Tools and Solutions

Joo Casino vs Planet 7 Affiliates exhibit aspects that make online marketing more attractive and rewarding. With the help of advanced marketing tools, you can improve your sites and capture the hearts of more players.

Joo Casino affiliates has no negative carryover policy and gives a selection of banners, landing pages, text links, bonus codes, and numerous tracking tools. On the other hand, Planet 7 affiliate program has a no negative carryover feature and a no bundling feature. Planet 7 also has a dashboard where you can monitor your clicks and downloads statistics.

Commission Payout

Here we tackle the Joo Casino vs Planet 7 Affiliates payout characteristics. Expect smooth and reliable services from both programs. But there are still factors that make one different from the other.

Joo deposits your earnings straight to your accounts. You can withdraw this via Bitcoin, e-wallet, or bank transfer. Expect prompt payments within the first and 10th of each month.

For Planet 7 partners, you have full control of the speed of your monthly payments. There are numerous withdrawal options such as Neteller, wire transfer, or checks (for US and Canada partners only).

Affiliate Manager Contact and Support

Joo Casino vs Planet 7 Affiliates both display excellence when it comes to support. For Joo partners, you can get in touch with a support team via e-mail or live chat. There’s also an affiliate manager willing to help you out whenever you need assistance.

Meanwhile, Planet 7 provides everyone with round-the-clock support through e-mail or the contact form. There’s also a telephone hotline you can contact, but only during certain hours. Nevertheless, it’s good to know that there are skilled individuals that can give you all the help you need in Bitcoin affiliate marketing.


All in all, Joo Casino vs Planet 7 Affiliates is a tight match when it comes to the essentials. You can never go wrong with any of the two. Both have commendable revenue share deals and CPA deals.

What stands out with Joo is the fact that they can provide you with more marketing tools that you can benefit from. It is also great that Bitcoin is provided as a payment option for all partners.

Meanwhile, Planet 7 shines when it comes to the payments as you are in control of the speed of your payments. There are different options to get your payments as well, which can be helpful in different cases.