Betspin vs Cadoola Affiliates

Which Has a Better Affiliate Program: Betspin or Cadoola?

With the continual rise in number of available Bitcoin casinos, Bitcoin affiliate programs are increasing as well. As an affiliate, you might have a difficult time choosing the right program for you. Do not worry, though, because we are here to help you in picking the affiliate program that is most suitable for you through this comparative review.

Betspin vs Cadoola Affiliates

The two programs that will go head to head in this comparison are Betspin Affiliate Program and Cadoola Affiliate Program. These are backed up by GiG Affiliates and 7StarsPartners, respectively. Also, both casinos offer slots and different table games to online bettors.

Unfortunately, both betting hubs each have a Restricted Countries list wherein players from these countries cannot sign up with the casinos. Betspin does not allow bettors from Afghanistan, Greece, and Poland, to name a few, to register onsite. On the other hand, joining Cadoola Affiliate Program does not allow you to invite gamers residing in Israel, the USA, and the UK, among others.

Which of the two affiliate programs should you sign up with? Continue reading this Betspin vs Cadoola Affiliates comparison to find out.

Betspin vs Cadoola Affiliates Commission Plans

Before you sign up with an affiliate program, you must first check its available earning plans you can avail yourself of. You should also be sure that it offers high conversion rates.

Joining Betspin’s program instantly places you under its revenue sharing scheme. You can earn with a revenue share rate range of between 25% and 40%. Also, you can negotiate with your affiliate manager to earn via CPA deal if you prefer this option. An earning scheme that mixes both CPA and revenue sharing called Hybrid deal is available as well.

Meanwhile, Cadoola lets you earn through its revenue sharing scheme only. You can earn 45% revenue share rate by referring up to 15 gamers. The most you can profit from this commission plan is a 60% revenue share rate by reaching the program’s unique conditions.

Although both programs offer you satisfactory rates, Cadoola has a better revenue sharing scheme with its rate of up to 60%. You just need to meet the unique conditions set by the program to earn the highest rev share rate.

Marketing Tools and Solutions

The second category in this match-up is the marketing tools that each program offers. If a program grants you enough tools to attract potential referrals, reaching a higher rev share rate will be quicker. Being an affiliate of Betspin grants you access to different logos, banners, and templates you can use in promoting its gaming hub.

On the other hand, Cadoola gives you access to banners, landing pages, and demo games you can use in inviting online bettors to sign up. Clearly, this round goes to Cadoola Affiliate Program as it offers more creatives that can give you a higher chance of attracting casino players.

Betspin vs Cadoola Affiliates Payment Terms

You will receive your well-deserved earnings every month when you are with either one of the programs. Betspin sends you your income on the 15th of each month, while Cadoola pays you every 10th day of the month. Also, both programs have a “no negative balance carryover” feature, granting you more chances of earning monthly.

As a Betspin affiliate, you can choose to receive your monthly earnings through Neteller, Skrill, or via bank transfer. Cadoola Affiliate Program, on the other hand, lets you claim your profit through Visa, Mastercard, QIWI wallet, and WebMoney, to name a few.

Affiliate Manager Contact and Support

As an affiliate of either program, you are entitled to have your own affiliate manager. If you choose to become Betspin’s partner, you can contact your manager via Skype and email. Meanwhile, as a Cadoola affiliate, you have three channels to choose from when getting in touch with your manager: email, Skype, and live chat.

Cadoola is at an advantage once again in this category. With the program’s additional live chat feature, it makes speaking to your affiliate manager much easier as there is no waiting time for replies as compared with emails and Skype.

Verdict: Betspin vs Cadoola Affiliates

Betspin and Cadoola Affiliate Programs let you promote reputable brands alongside their satisfactory affiliate packages. Each program lets you promote its gaming hub easily as it both has a wide market, which in itself is good news for an affiliate like you. However, you should make sure that your referrals do not reside in any of the casinos’ restricted countries.

Between the two programs, though, Cadoola Affiliate Program is the better choice. You can expect a higher revenue share rate with this program and it supports multiple banking channels with no negative balance carryover. Plus, the program offers you multiple creatives you can use to attract bettors to sign up with its site. You also have three methods in contacting your affiliate manager on this program.

Although Betspin Affiliate Program does not offer a package as good as Cadoola, you can still join it if you prefer its offers. The program has satisfactory revenue share rates, free creative tools for advertising, multiple banking channels, and on-time payments. But if you are an affiliate who is looking for the program with a higher share rate, better marketing tools, more payment terms, and accessible contact channels, then Cadoola Affiliate Program is for you.