Bitcoin Forex Affiliates

Which Bitcoin affiliate websites are out there? Which one are the best ones to work with? What makes them the best Bitcoin Forex affiliates? What are the best practices in Bitcoin trading that promote these affiliates? Can you get up-to-date information and live data about these Bitcoin affiliate programs and conversion rates? Which companies are Bitcoin casino affiliates?

Bitcoin Forex Affiliates

Currently, three Bitcoin trading platforms exist and they are all strong affiliates. These three are 500Affiliates, AvaPartner, eToro Partners.

500 Afflilates is the first company that allowed Bitcoin trading and AvaPartner is the largest Bitcoin Forex Company that allows trading Bitcoins, whereas eToro Partners is more of a social investment platform, rather than a Forex company. It deals with actual investments and does not deal with CFDs.

You can choose to conduct Bitcoin trades on any of the three platforms, especially if the landing page has all the necessary details that you need. Sometimes, websites might have a very impressive landing page, but they don’t stick to their promises and don’t deliver what you expect at the end of the day.

Before selecting the best Bitcoin Forex affiliates, you need to be sure of what you expect, and whether the platform will deliver it. This is also a challenge for the affiliates because when it comes to dealing with Forex, they need to maintain transparency and stick to their commitment, without letting their customers lose faith in them.

Bitcoin Forex Affiliates

Affiliate Managers

All the Bitcoin casino affiliate programs make sure that they have active managers to ensure that their customers get the best treatment and the right attention. So if you feel that you need help, then you can email them once you create an account with them. You need to keep in mind that your affiliate manager is your greatest asset, because they will be the key to your financial success.

2 Must-Know Things

  1. Make sure you always read all the terms and conditions of the affiliate program that you register with. Some platforms are too particular about the type of promotional ideas you can use. For instance, eToro does not let users promote it on any Forex platform because it is not a Forex company.
  2. Some Bitcoin Forex Affiliates like Plus500 don’t allow users to promote it at all, unless you own a website and want to promote it there. However, for this, you will have to send the URL of your site to the affiliates for registration. You will have to do this, because most affiliates need surety that your website is not associated with social media marketing and PPC.

Keep these things in mind and enjoy the profits you can make through the right Bitcoin affiliate program.