SlotJoint vs Affiliates

Scrolling down the list of the best-known Bitcoin affiliate programs, you will see those of SlotJoint and Games.Bitcoin. These two cater to many players, but one of them goes notches higher because of some salient reasons. Right in this SlotJoint vs Affiliates review, you will know which between the two is your better bet.

slotjoint vs games.bitcoin affiliates

SlotJoint affiliate program, propelled by WagerJoint Affiliates, is one of the reasons SlotJoint Casino continues to gain ground. The program reaches out to global players. It offers them over 300 game titles that hold volumes of thrill and rewards. On the other hand, affiliate program only has seven games—all provably fair. This huge difference says a lot to you. But these are not all. Discover more aspects that set the two apart in this Bitcoin casino affiliate comparison.

SlotJoint vs Affiliates Commission Plans

As a Bitcoin affiliate, you should put the earning plan above all your SlotJoint vs Affiliates considerations. After all, you want a program that is high-paying. You do not want to work as a casino’s partner only to receive meager compensation for your job well done.

Take note, then, that it is SlotJoint that gives you a bigger rev share. It lets you start with a high 50% rev share all through your first 30 days in Bitcoin affiliate marketing. Starting your 2nd month, you are to earn a flat rev share of 20%. This may appear low but it shall be enough. That is because you do not need anymore to meet any required number of referrals just so you could reach such rate.

Games.Bitcoin, on the other hand, has a tiered rev sharing scheme. You start with 5% rev share. If you want the highest rate which is 25%, you will have to bring in at least 100 new players each month.

Marketing Tools and Solutions

You should not tie up with a gaming site that is hard to promote. Take into account SlotJoint vs Affiliates marketing tools. Know whether the programs’ sets of campaign materials suit your marketing strategy or not.

Head on, both programs offer useful tools that you can integrate into your website. SlotJoint gives you responsive landing banners and pages. Games.Bitcoin lets you use customized links and mailing lists. As either set of tools promises to aid you well in your venture, you can rest assured that raking in a lot of players is steps closer to fulfillment.

SlotJoint vs Affiliates Payment Terms

There is a huge difference between the two programs in focus when it comes to payment schedule, currency, and method. SlotJoint will pay you in BTC/USD/AUD/GBP not later than the 15th of each month. Games.Bitcoin will pay you in BTC daily. Obviously, it is the former that offers more choices of monetary payment units, although the latter assures you that you will get paid every day.

Meanwhile, if you are one who does not always rely on Bitcoin wallets in withdrawing your profit, SlotJoint is a better option for you. The program uses various payment channels through which you can get your earnings.

Affiliate Manager Contact and Support

This SlotJoint vs Affiliates matchup also points out to you the importance of having a reliable affiliate support team you can turn to. In case a problem arises as you are marketing, you can always air your concerns through the support channels of your chosen program.

The good thing is both programs provide you with email support that you can send a message to around the clock. However, SlotJoint gives you more ease in contacting your program manager. It has an additional support channel, Skype, which promises a more immediate response to your concerns.

Verdict: SlotJoint vs Affiliates

Without a doubt, SlotJoint affiliate program impresses more webmasters than its rival does. Firstly, it has a lot more games (over 300 titles) than Games.Bitcoin which only has seven betting activities. Surely, most players will want a gaming library with a lot of choices.

More than that, this SlotJoint vs Affiliates battle clearly shows you how SlotJoint fares well in giving commissions to partners. It offers up to 50% rev share, a profit way higher than the ceiling rate of the rival which is only 25%.

While both programs offer reliable support and effective campaign materials, it is only SlotJoint that provides you with more payment channel options. Whether you deal in cryptocurrency or fiat—or even both—you are onboard. It seems Games.Bitcoin reaches out only to Bitcoin affiliates. It should come as no surprise to you, then, that SlotJoint gets the trophy in this SlotJoint vs Affiliates roundup.