Babe Casino vs Bogart Casino Affiliates


Live casinos give gamblers a chance to feel what it is like to be in a land-based casino. They offer live-dealer games that attract online gamblers who want to play against real-life dealers in real time. Though the gameplay they offer is rather virtual than land-based, the prizes and promotions they give players are big and can compete well with what brick-and-mortar casinos can offer.

Babe Casino vs Bogart Casino Affiliates

As a Bitcoin casino affiliate, you want to market a casino that can attract many players. Gaming portals with live-dealer games can help you earn more profit because of the increasing popularity of online real-time gambling. But the question now is, which affiliate program will suit you? Worry no more because apart from the affiliate program reviews that you can find on this site, you can also go through this Babe Casino vs Bogart Casino Affiliates comparative review.

Hosting some of the best live casino games, Babe Casino and Bogart Casino should be on your list of potential partner gaming sites. Apart from the live dealer games, Babe Casino and Bogart Casino offer other forms of betting. You can find card games, roulette, slots, and video poker on Bogart Casino. Babe Casino offers the same set of games, only it added jackpot games, baccarat, and blackjack to its library.  Read through this article to find out other differences between the two.


The games are not the only elements that set the two brands apart. Babe Casino and Bogart Casino Affiliates have different earning plans for you. To earn more as a Bogart Casino partner, you need to rake in players through your website. Once Bogart Casino receives net gaming revenue up to US$10,000 from your referred players, you get 15% revenue share. The highest rate that you can get is 25%–that is, when the casino profit gained from your players is US$50,000 or more.

Meanwhile, Babe Casino Affiliates offers a rev share range of 25% to 35%. To earn the highest percentage, the net gaming revenue that Babe Casino should get from your referrals should be US$10,000. Not only that, you can earn through sub-affiliation. Get 5% of the profit of your referred affiliate.

Now see that Babe Casino takes the lead because other than the difference of 10% of its rev share from Bogart Casino’s, the net gaming revenue requirement of Babe Casino is lower. This means you have a bigger chance of getting the ceiling 35% rev share. Plus, it offers you a chance to earn extra income via sub-affiliation. All you need to focus on now is how you can make your depositing players keep playing.


For you to market your partner casino well, you will need marketing tools and strategies. Both Babe Casino and Bogart Casino Affiliates have a variety of promotional materials for you. The former has media banner builder, link creator, social media content, and data feed. The latter, on the other hand, provides you with XML feeds, text links, banners, and online content to better promote the online casino.

This category might look like a tie for the two programs. But Babe Casino Affiliates takes this one again for it offers more marketing tools than its rival.


On-time monthly payouts are one of the good features of these programs. Bogart Casino partners can expect to receive their earnings every month, while Babe Casino affiliates can be certain their commission will top up their accounts on the 15th of the month.

Affiliates like you should be at ease because once you become a partner of these casinos, your funds are secure. The payment channels used by these programs are reliable, so you can rest assured that your earnings go directly to your account when processed. Monthly reports about your marketing performance are also given. Check them out and you will see how you do as a casino partner.


Choose a referral program that provides reliable affiliate managers and responsive support teams. After all, giving solutions to your problems in marketing sometimes requires you to keep in touch with your program’s support staff. Support teams might take a while to respond, but the programs make sure they prioritize your needs.

In the case of both programs in this review, they have email support channels for your inquiries. You can expect that their respective representatives will respond soon after the support team receives your message. Through this support, you will learn more information about the gaming site and will be able to market the gaming portal better.


Upon looking at the affiliate programs of Babe Casino and Bogart Casino side by side, you can probably now say which of these is the better contender. The referral program of Bogart Casino kept abreast with its competitor as far as payment terms and support are concerned. Both programs promise professional assistance to partners and on-time payments using accredited payment channels.

The catch is, Babe Casino rewards you with a higher rev share rate that carries a lower net revenue requirement and provides you with an additional way of gaining profit—sub-affiliation. Plus, it gives more ease to your marketing campaign through marketing tools that are more numerous than those delivered by Bogart Casino. Additionally, Babe Casino hosts more games. Surely, you will want to market that which houses a bigger gaming library.

Fair and square, both programs fought well, but Babe Casino Affiliates stood as a better contender. Bogart Casino affiliate program might have fallen short of a few steps in the comparison, but it still has great offers. Though Babe Casino is your better bet, bear in mind that being an affiliate does not limit you to only one partnership. You can always consider signing up for both programs for a better chance of earning big time.