vs Pinnacle Affiliates’s 10% to 35% or Pinnacle’s Flat 30% Rev Share?

Sports betting is becoming more popular as the gambling ecosystem evolves. Subsequent to the increased popularity of this type of gambling is the birth of more and more sports betting sites. There may be a lot of these gaming portals now but only some stand out as the most turned-to by punters. vs Pinnacle

Among the favorites of players are and Pinnacle. These two take pride in their wide array of gambling activities for their members. However, a closer look at both will tell you that has a bigger gaming library than Pinnacle. But is this enough to make you choose the former’s referral program? Find out by reading through this vs Pinnacle Affiliates matchup.

As the battle ensues, affiliate program steps ahead of the rival. Not only does it offer more wagering activities across its sportsbook and casino, but it also caters to worldwide players including those in the US. Of course, this sounds better than Pinnacle affiliate program which restricts you from reaching out to players in some countries including the US, UK, and France, to name a few. vs Pinnacle Affiliates Commission Plans

While the Bitcoin affiliate program of has already gone a few steps ahead of its rival, you should know that it is not just the betting site’s games and country restriction you should consider. It is most important that you compare the programs in terms of the commission structure they have for their affiliates. offers you 10% to 35% revenue share based on net gaming revenue. This is the default earning plan, but you can opt for the alternative which is the CPA deal. Meanwhile, Pinnacle allows you to earn also via revenue sharing. Here, your rate is at 30% flat, giving you no other tiers to reach and no alternative earning plans.

In this case, it is up to you whether you want a tiered commission structure or a flat earning rate. At the end of the day, it will all depend on how you go about your marketing. If you are aggressive, you can choose the 10% 35% rev share. If you want a safer profit scheme, stick to the flat 30% earning rate.

Marketing Tools and Solutions

While you might think Bitcoin affiliate marketing is not an easy venture, and Pinnacle Affiliates have got your back. They are both dedicated when it comes to providing partners with effective marketing tools. gives you text links, email templates, and banner ads. Pinnacle brings you ad banners, performance tracker, and live odds API. Either set of promotional materials has the goal of making your campaign easier and more attractive. vs Pinnacle Affiliates Payment Terms

The least you should worry about when assuming the role of a marketing partner of either gaming site is the release of your payment. Affiliates and Pinnacle Affiliates are on-schedule payers. will pay you within the first 15 days of each month. Be wary, though, of the minimum withdrawal requirement imposed by the program. Similarly, Pinnacle releases payments on time. Even better is the fact that the program pays on a weekly basis through any of the accredited payment channels the program uses. Also, there are no withdrawal limits, so you can always feel free to cash out your earnings.

Affiliate Manager Contact and Support and Pinnacle affiliate programs do not have offices in all countries. You cannot always expect that the nation where you are in has headquarters to which you can go anytime and air your concerns about your dealings with either program. That is why it is important for you to just have quick contact with your affiliate manager.

The good thing is either program is ready to answer your queries or complaints about your campaign. Any hour of the day, you can reach out to your program’s support team by sending your message via email. You can expect professional response soon after they got your concerns noted.

Verdict: vs Pinnacle Affiliates

The affiliate programs of and Pinnacle might have been deadlocked at some portions of the battle, but they surely ended up split to tell you one of them is still greater than the other. Now, which fared better?

The answer is obviously This gaming site’s program targets global players, including the punters in the largest sports betting market which is the US. This gives you an edge in raking in referrals, unlike when you turn to Pinnacle which has country restrictions. Furthermore, offers more casino games and sports betting activities than the competitor. Your referred players surely prefer a gambling site that hosts a lot of betting events and games.

Across all the other areas, both programs are nip and tuck. No matter how much you see as a standout, you can always consider still having Pinnacle as one of your top choices. Besides, there will probably be no harm when you keep both as your partner gaming sites.