Rich Casino vs Affiliates

This side by side Bitcoin casino affiliate comparison lets you easily view the qualities of two programs. Make the selection process a little better by gaining an in-depth look at Rich Casino vs affiliates.

Rich Casino vs Affiliates

Rich Casino is known for its flexible products. It offers binary options trading, casino games, and sports betting games. At the other end of the spectrum is The brand is one of the most recognized Bitcoin gambling sites among players with ample selection of dice games, live dealer games, poker, and a packed sportsbook section. also offers a lucrative affiliate program for all.

Revenue Share

The Rich Casino vs affiliates heat up right away when it comes to revenue share. Both Bitcoin casino affiliate programs offer great returns and offer plenty of room for growth.

Once you join the Rich Casino affiliate program, you will get your profits via revenue share. This is the standard setup, but you can also opt to earn profits through CPA or even a combination of the two. For CPA and the hybrid setup, you need to get confirmation from the support manager beforehand. Get an initial 30% monthly rate and bring this all the way to 40% once you start collecting more net gaming.

For first time users of, affiliates get 20% of the revenue share from both the casino and the sportsbook. You can also get a 20% rake share from the poker rooms along with the 5% revenue share from the dice game. Of course, more referrals who spend bitcoins mean better percentage. The rates for each category grow as you go up tiers. There are five tiers, with the highest tier giving you the best rates. Slot games get a 50% rate while dice receives 20%. Start with 5% and grow your revenue share all the way to 50%.

Marketing Tools and Solutions

In the aspect of marketing tools and solutions, Rich Casino makes everything simpler by providing all the important tools you need. It has promotional banners, pop-up ads, and mailers you can use on your websites. You also get access to content such as game descriptions and press releases. falls a bit short when it comes to the marketing and solutions quality. While the program can offer you instant reporting, it lacks the tools you need to enhance your websites.

Rich Casino vs affiliates marketing tools and solutions can be seen as lopsided, but hopefully, improves this attribute soon.

Commission Payout

Rich Casino vs affiliates show competence when it comes to Bitcoin support. Rich Casino accepts real money and Bitcoin, while caters to Bitcoin and Litecoin users.

In terms of payments, Rich Casino gives all users their share of profits at the end of each month. The payment schedule is commendable. Moreover, what makes it better is that you have the choice how to withdraw your earnings. You can use Neteller, Skrill, bank wire, or Paycheck. Keep in mind that this casino has a minimum withdrawal fee based on the method of payment you use.

On the other hand, affiliate program sticks by a daily payout model. Unlike most programs that give out the profits every month, goes down a different path. What makes it attractive is the fact that you can cash out your earnings right away. The fast payout makes it great for those looking for quick turnovers, especially those who are earning huge amounts on a daily basis.

Affiliate Manager Contact and Support

If you have questions, Rich Casino vs affiliates offer reliable customer support features. You can reach the account manager through their contact info. Both display responsive support staff and are equal in terms of the help you get.


All in all, Rich Casino vs affiliates have qualities that will get you in the groove of affiliate marketing in no time. Both provide all the help you need. While Rich Casino excels when it comes to its marketing tools and solutions, tries to make up for that weakness when it comes to the revenue share aspect.