TLCBet vs Drake Casino Affiliates

The competition among online casinos gets tighter as days pass. While some gaming sites give big welcome game credits for free, others offer generous cashbacks. As some reward players with match bonuses, others deliver free spins. Relatively, though, almost all of these sites cater not only to bettors but also to their marketing partners. This is why choosing the right Bitcoin referral program to enroll in is not that easy anymore. The good thing is we have prepared program comparisons for you just like this TLCBet vs Drake Casino Affiliates article.TLCBet vs Drake Casino Affiliates Comparison

If TLCBet affiliate program and Drake Casino affiliate program are among your partnership options, consider removing one. This Bitcoin casino affiliate comparison is your key to knowing which of the two is worth retaining in your list of choices. Read on to find out who wins in this battle that is too close to call.

TLCBet vs Drake Casino Affiliates Commission Plans

Neck and neck, the two programs in focus offer relatively the same rev share range. Whether you tie up with TLCBet or partner with Drake Casino, you will get 25% to 45% rev share. Whatever your rate is, your payouts will depend on the profit that the gaming site generates from your referred players. But while TLCBet may allow you to earn alternatively via CPA or hybrid deals, Drake Casino gives you 5% of your sub-affiliates’ earnings.

It might be hard to judge which program gets a score in this portion of this TLCBet vs Drake Casino Affiliates matchup. But it will be all the easier if you know what earning plan is for you. Should you opt for CPA or hybrid deals, turn to TLCBet. But if expanding your Bitcoin affiliate network is what you want to do, resort to the other.

Marketing Tools and Solutions

As a Bitcoin affiliate, you can maximize your profitability even more by using effective marketing tools. After all, you cannot promote a brand well without having campaign materials to start with. That is why this TLCBet vs Drake Casino Affiliates write-up will point out to you the kinds of tools delivered by both programs.

TLCBet allows you to use banners and landing pages that they can even customize for you. Drake Casino, on the other hand, lets you utilize mailers, landing pages, bonus codes, and brand banners. Though offering different tools, both programs gives you access to reports that show you how well you do as a marketer. To be fair, then, the programs are at a standoff in this criterion.

TLCBet vs Drake Casino Affiliates Payment Terms

Further in this TLCBet vs Drake Casino Affiliates battle, you get to see if one program will finally overtake the other. Remember that quick payments are important. You will not have much satisfaction with a partnership founded on delayed payments.

Technically, Drake Casino goes steps ahead of its rival. The reason is it pays faster. You can expect to receive your payouts every 15th of the next month. Surely, you do not want TLCBet’s payment schedule which is within 45 days after you send an invoice.

Affiliate Manager Contact and Support

Other than payments, you should also take into consideration your connection with the support team of your chosen program. The faster you get response from your affiliate manager, the faster you get solutions to your concerns.

It should be good for you to know that both programs have their respective email support team. However, only Drake Casino offers you Skype support. If you think this additional communication line is a plus, give Drake Casino another point.

Verdict: TLCBet vs Drake Casino Affiliates

To bring this TLCBet vs Drake Casino Affiliates roundup to a close, we emphasize that both programs are worth your membership. In fact, it will not be a sin if you enroll to both. Besides, they both give the same rev share range. The catch is, TLCBet has CPA and hybrid deals – which are a pro for most webmasters. But if you desire to choose only one, then select Drake Casino affiliate program.

It should not surprise why this program got more points than its competitor after the TLCBet vs Drake Casino Affiliates battle. It offers faster payments and additional earnings based on sub-affiliation. Also, it adds Skype as option in case you want to contact the program’s support team. It got ahead of TLCBet whose payments terms are complained about by some webmasters. But then again, it will still not waste your effort if you partner with TLCBet.