Bovada vs mBit Affiliates

Bovada vs mBit Affiliates: Which Referral Program is the Better Choice?

While some casinos manage their own affiliate programs, others seek the service of third-party affiliate platform providers to gather marketing partners. For instance, mBit has its proprietary mBit Affiliates controlled by the gaming site itself, whereas Bovada has its Bovada affiliate program propelled by an outside company called Best Partners.

Bovada Affiliates vs mBit Affiliates


No matter how different they are in terms of platform, they share a common goal—that is, to rack up more players. More than that, they both offer global players games that range from sports betting activities to classic casino gambling entertainment. But in the point of view of a webmaster, both programs are keys to making money. The question now is: Which of the two is more worthy of a webmaster’s membership? Find out in this Bovada vs mBit Affiliates matchup.

Bovada vs mBit Affiliates Commission Plans

You join Bitcoin affiliate programs because you are after profitability. Since that is the case, you cannot do away with comparing the ceiling revenue shares offered by Bovada and mBit. Settling for less when you can settle for more is just going to give you regrets.

So now, know that mBit is a better choice than Bovada if you are to consider only the earning rate. It gives you 25% to 50% revenue share based on the net gaming revenue the casino gained from your referrals. Bovada, nonetheless, does not get left behind much as it may still reward you with high earnings worth up to 45% rev share.

The 5% difference is not really a big deal, especially if you know the fact that you can actually join both programs. But if you have a lot of program choices, it still pays that you read on to know whether or not Bovada and mBit affiliate programs deserve to be among your options.

Marketing Tools and Solutions

mBit might have overtaken Bovada in terms of revenue share, but it falls short when it comes to marketing tools provided to affiliates. While mBit gives you access to banners of different shapes and designs, Bovada offers you a lot more. You will have not just banners but also HTML live odds widgets, match up tools, screenshot library, text links, XML odds feed, and more. All these give you the advantage of making more players become new Bovada bettors.

You have to remember that even if a program promises you a high earning rate, you will not be able to achieve such rate without the right campaign materials. It is worth it to note, then, that between Bovada Affiliates and mBit Affiliates, it is the former that shall make your Bitcoin affiliate marketing venture easier.

Bovada vs mBit Affiliates Payment Terms

The last thing you want to happen while working hard to promote a gaming site is to not receive your payments. And surely, you also do not want to experience receiving delayed payments. That is why you had better always examine the payment terms of every partnership you think of entering. See if the program is in line with your payout preferences.

As far as the payment terms of the two programs in focus are concerned, you can rest assured that your earnings are to top up your account on time. Bovada pays on the 15th of each month, whereas mBit pays on the first day of every month.

However, mBit deals only in Bitcoin. Meaning to say, you cannot receive your payments in fiat currency. You need a Bitcoin wallet where your earnings will go. If you want a wider selection of payment channels, then it is Bovada you are looking for. It allows you to get your funds either in Bitcoin or in fiat. Though differing in payment terms, both programs are punctual when it comes to paying their affiliates.

Affiliate Manager Contact and Support

The affiliate programs of Bovada and mBit will not be complete without the presence of their respective affiliate support teams. The programs each have groups of people responsible for giving helpful response to affiliates who vent out their concerns about their venture.

Yes, whether you choose Bovada or you turn to mBit, there is a support team that has got your back. You only have to send them an email. In no time, the assistance you need will be on its way.

Verdict: Bovada vs mBit Affiliates

Though the battle between the two subject programs is nip and tuck, a sole winner has to emerge. There is no room for any standoff here. If you lost track of the scoring, worry not. We purposively added this section to put you back on trail.

Know that while Bovada lost to its rival in the battle of ceiling rev shares, it kept up eventually when it bombarded mBit with a huge set of unique Bovada marketing tools. Since these tools are better than the materials provided by mBit to its partners, Bovada fairly took the upper hand from the competitor.

Across the rest of the key areas of comparison, both brands came to a deadlock. Mbit never got to move steps ahead of the leading brand anymore. And as the battle ended, you had Bovada rightfully claiming the trophy.