Tangiers Casino vs OrientXpress Affiliates

Who Have Greater Advantage, Tangiers Casino Partners or OrientXpress Promoters?

There are betting sites backed up by affiliate program providers. These program providers handle one or more brands and offer profitable commission plans as well as attractive promotional tools. The possibility of earning more money is higher under these programs because they allow you to market their oftentimes two or more flagship gaming portals. There will be no need for you to join different affiliate programs just to promote various brands.

In terms of good affiliate program providers, Apex Affiliates and Rock Solid Affiliates are the rivals. But instead of having these two compete, this review will focus on their flagship brands, Tangiers Casino and OrientXpress. Find out which affiliate program is worth joining in this Tangiers Casino vs OrientXpress Affiliates review.

Tangiers Casino vs OrientXpress Affiliates Commission Plans

Both Tangiers Casino affiliate program and OrientXpress Affiliates offer rev sharing, CPA deal, and hybrid package. You may choose from among these earning plans that which you think can give you a better chance to earn big income.

If you sign up for Tangiers Casino Affiliates, you will get an introductory rev share rate of 40% in your first three months. After the three-month period, your rev share rate will range from 25% to 45%. Do not worry, you can easily get the ceiling rate by simply raking in 100 or more new depositing players.

Like Tangiers, OrientXpress base your commission on the net gaming revenue that the casino gets from your referred players. The difference is, by referring 1 to 9 gamers, you can already get 25% revenue share. Increase your referrals to 51 or more bettors a month, and you can get the ceiling rate of 50%.

In terms of revenue share offers, OrientXpress affiliate program is better as it gives you a higher percentage. The program also offers a lower number of players required, making it easier for you to reach the ceiling rev share. Even if Tangiers Casino Affiliates offers you a startup rate, your possibility to earn huge profits is better with OrientXpress affiliate program.

Marketing Tools and Solution

Promotional tools are given to you after you sign up as an affiliate of either program. If you are a Tangiers Casino partner, you will get banners, pop-up ads, mobile-friendly promotional content, social media posts, and mailers. You can also ask your affiliate manager for SEO tips if you need any. OrientXpress promoters will not be left out because they will receive customized banners and links for their campaign.

Tangiers Casino Affiliates takes the score in this category because of its various marketing tools. Do not settle for the banners and links of OrientXpress affiliate program when you can have additional promotional tools like the pop-up ads and social media posts from Tangiers Casino Affiliates. And if you effectively position these marketing tools, you can easily hit the ceiling rate.

Tangiers Casino vs OrientXpress Affiliates Payment Terms

Everyone wants to receive their profits on time, which is why selecting a payment method is important. Good for you, both programs offer reliable cash-out channels. OrientXpress partners can choose from among the following payment methods: electronic transfer, Neteller, or Skrill. Meanwhile, promoters of Tangiers Casino can get their income through Neteller, Skrill, paper check, or bank wire.

Tangiers Casino Affiliates and OrientXpress affiliate program make sure you get your income monthly. OrientXpress promoters are paid every 15th of each month, while Tangiers Casino partners get their commission at the end of each month. Additionally, when you join either program, you will be free from negative balance carryovers. This means you get to start the new month free from any below-zero balance.

Affiliate Manager Contact and Support

Bitcoin affiliate programs have support teams to help you regarding your campaign and give you answers to your questions about the program. If you choose to market Tangiers Casino, feel free to contact your affiliate manager via email. But if you decide to join OrientXpress affiliate program, you can reach your affiliate manager through Skype, email, or phone call.

As an affiliate, you should consider a program that can provide many support channels to voice out your concerns. The added support contacts of OrientXpress affiliate program give you a chance to receive a faster response from the program.

Verdict: Tangiers Casino vs OrientXpress Affiliates

It appears that both programs have good offers to every affiliate. They offer fast and reliable payment terms to make sure that all your hard work will pay off. They allow you to use any of the supported cash-out methods to receive your income. Additionally, they let you benefit from the “no negative balance carryover” feature.

Although Tangiers Casino Affiliates gets the point for having various marketing tools for an easier marketing venture, OrientXpress affiliate program wins the battle by offering a higher commission rate and many support channels for you. Both programs have the same base rev share rate of 25%, but OrientXpress Affiliates’ 50% ceiling rev share rate is relatively higher than the 45% of the rival program. In case you have questions about your commission rates, you can expect a faster response from OrientXpress’ two support channels.

You may still consider joining both affiliate programs. After all, there is no limit as to how many programs you can join. But if you want to join a program with a higher commission rate and additional support channels, it is OrientXpress Affiliates you should choose.