10Bet vs Betn1 Affiliates

10Bet or Betn1: Know the Better Partner Gaming Site

Sports betting gains more momentum as time passes. The size of the community of bettors it has built now comes close to that of the sphere formed by casino gaming. Now more brands emerge to offer not only casino games but also sports betting events. This allows players to easily switch from casino to sports betting, or vice versa. At the same time, it lets the casinos themselves reach out to a larger audience for a higher level of profitability.

10Bet vs Betn1 Affiliates

Similarly, this opens doors of opportunities to webmasters looking to make money out of promoting those brands. You ought to know that among these brands are 10Bet and Betn1 which get much drive from their respective affiliate programs. Whether you want to sign up for both programs or just for one, know which of them is better. Read through this 10Bet vs Betn1 Affiliates write-up to find out.

10Bet vs Betn1 Affiliates Commission Plans

10Bet and Betn1 Affiliates both offer the revenue sharing scheme. This scheme allows you to earn a percentage either betting site’s net gaming revenue gained from your referred players. 10Bet pays only 10% to 35% rev share based on the number of depositing players you rake in. Betn1, on the other hand, gives you 25% to 50% rev share; your rate depends on the amount of profit your players contribute to the site.

Betn1’s rev share range might be bigger, but it does not offer any alternative earning plan, unlike 10Bet. It gives you the option to switch to the CPA deal. This deal lets you collect upfront payments per new 10Bet player you bring in.

Not everyone, though, gets to be eligible for the CPA deal as there are considerations that still need to be discussed with the affiliate manager. In most cases, webmasters still end up earning via the default rev sharing plan. In such case, Betn1 is your better choice in terms of commission.

Marketing Tools and Solutions

Know that either 10Bet Affiliates or Betn1 Affiliates will provide you with creative banners and text links with unique tracking codes. This set of marketing tools is your key to making sure that every click-through and every player signup you rack up gets to be reflected in your Bitcoin affiliate account.

Using the tools effectively and promoting the games from either betting site well will give you an edge. You do not even have to worry about transparency. Either program gives you access to reports showing your earnings and your players’ activities. Giving you strong backing, both programs gain the same score in this section.

10Bet vs Betn1 Affiliates Payment Terms

Adding strength to the reputation of the programs in focus are their affiliate-friendly payment terms. Whether you partner with 10Bet or with its rival, you can always expect punctual payments. 10Bet pays within the 2nd and 5th of each month, whereas Betn1 pays on or before the 10th of next month.

More so, the programs use reliable banking methods. You are sure to transact money with security. If you want to have your payouts directly converted to Bitcoin, turn to Neteller. If not, then just have your funds withdrawn via e-wallets or wire transfer. Be mindful, though, of minimum withdrawal thresholds. While 10Bet does not allow you to cash out an amount below €100, Betn1 does not allow you to withdraw less than €50 via e-wallet and less than €100 via check or bank transfer.

As you see, neither offers wallet-to-wallet Bitcoin transfer. But because of how well they fare in terms of payment punctuality and reliability, it would still be fair to give both of them a score.

Affiliate Manager Contact and Support

Having an accountable affiliate support is just as important as using a reliable payment channel. When you have problems that have to do with your marketing venture, you should turn to the support team of your program.

Keep your worries away because the managers of the affiliate programs of 10bet and Betn1 are reachable around the clock. All you have to do is send them an email and expect to get a response soon after they get your message. Whatever concerns you have, rest assured that the team of experts behind your referral program will get back to you with helpful answers.

Verdict: 10Bet vs Betn1 Affiliates

When it comes to payment terms, marketing tools, and affiliate support, there is nothing much to complain about the 10Bet and Betn1 affiliate programs. Both aid affiliates well in their campaign to rack up more players and to collect more payout on schedule. The only big difference they have is the commission structure they each serve to your table.

While 10Bet offers an alternative earning plan, it pays a relatively lower revenue share. Webmasters who choose revenue sharing as a payout scheme will find the 10bet less inviting to partner with. But when they see Betn1’s offer of up to 50% rev share, they will think of just dropping 10Bet out of their list of program choices. Besides, given the chance to choose between two programs that offer the same game types but pay different rates, you will definitely go for the one with a bigger rev share offer. But you can always consider joining both. After all, your account with one will be independent from your account with the other. But be sure you got the whole point of this comparative review—that is, Betn1 affiliate program is a better choice.