Friends of 7

Friends of 7: Offers Generous Commission Plans But Limited Audience Reach

Some casino affiliates have running themes with its brands, and Friends of 7 sports a mythological theme with only one casino under its umbrella. Despite having only one casino, this promoter has managed to be shortlisted as the Best Affiliate Program Newcomer in the iGB Affiliate Awards for 2019. It is also a Platinum Sponsor of the Gambling Portal Webmasters Association.

This program gained its well-deserved recognition because of its features such as the latest technologies in affiliate marketing, generous commission plans, and regularly updated creatives. Find out what else Friends of 7 can offer you in this review.

The Brand under Friends of 7

There is only one casino you can promote with this advertiser so far. Licensed by Curacao and launched in 2018, 7 Gods Casino has over 1,500 games and challenging tournaments from the best software developers. Characters of different mythologies including Greek, Roman, and Norse represent this casino’s theme. It also has bonuses and a loyalty program ladder.

It is important to note that even though 7 Gods Casino offers top-notch games, it does have over 70 country restrictions. This can make it hard to recommend and refer as your audience can be limited.

High-Paying Commission Plans

Friends of 7 offers three commission plans: revenue share, cost per acquisition (CPA), and hybrid deal. Before you are qualified to apply for the CPA deal, you need to get through the revenue share wherein you have to bring in five to ten first-time depositors (FDT). Sub-affiliation is also available to expand more ways of earning with this program.

Revenue Share Model

You can choose between two types of revenue share commission plans: 25% to 60% revenue share without negative balance carryover and 50% to 60% revenue share with negative balance carryover. The more players you get onsite, the higher your chances are in climbing the revenue share percentage ladder of up to 60%.

CPA Deal

When you pass the preliminary revenue share test as an affiliate, you can apply for the CPA deal. All you have to do to pass the test is bring in five to ten FDTs. When you have done that, you can take up the CPA deal. Friends of 7 offers up to US$200 for every FDT or registration you acquire.


You also have a choice to choose a hybrid deal in which your commission plan is a combination of both the revenue share model and CPA deal. However, much like the CPA deal, you have to pass the revenue share test.


You can refer other fellow affiliates in the program for extra income. Receive 5% of the revenue your referrals earn to boost your earnings as you can add sub-affiliation with your other commission plan.

This program offers you a diverse set of commission plans which can help you choose the right commission structure that best suits your campaign.

Timely Payments

By the fifth day of the next month, Friends of 7 transfers your earnings to your account. You have to reach at least US$50 in commission to be able to cash out your earnings.

You can choose from the following payment methods as your medium for payouts:

  • Skrill
  • Neteller
  • WebMoney
  • Bank wire transfer
  • Yandex Money

If your desired payment method is not in the above-mentioned, then you can reach out to your affiliate manager to arrange payments using any payment system of your choice.

Regularly Updated Creatives

Friends of 7 will guide you to promoting its brands. The promoter will give you free marketing tools for your website. You will have access to various media materials such as banners in different formats and landing pages.

A personalized referral link is also available once you have all the required information the program needs. It will also regularly update the selection of artworks and designs present onsite so that you can have wider options. If there is still no banner design to your liking, you can contact the affiliate manager so that the promoter can pull some strings and let you customize your own.

Should You Join Friends of 7?

Friends of 7 was not nominated for an iGB Award for nothing. Its commission plans are satisfactory with its great options between a CPA deal and revenue share model. The program even lets you pick whether you prefer a commission plan with a negative balance carryover or one without. The marketing creatives provided for your promotions are also updated regularly to give you tons of options and styles to choose from.

However, there are downsides to this program. The long list of country restrictions of over 70 jurisdictions that its brand has is concerning as your target referrals will be limited. There is also the issue of having only one brand under this affiliate given that Slotage is still unlaunched.

After weighing the pros and the cons of Friends of 7, it has been concluded that this umbrella program is one you should skip. No matter how varying its selections are with its commission plans and promotional tools, your audience reach is still limited with its long list of country restrictions which would play to your disadvantage especially if you have a negative balance carryover.

Feel free to browse through other affiliate program reviews to find a better program that will give you the opportunity to earn more.