Live Casino Partners Affiliates

Live Casino Partners Affiliates: Limitless Rev Shares for Members?

Choosing a Bitcoin referral program can be tricky. You need to choose a program that can provide you with better earning opportunities. It is even better if you turn to a program that reaches out to different markets by promoting a number of betting sites that house not just classic casino games but also live dealer games. And when it comes to casino-affiliate partnerships that aim to bring players top-notch live betting games, you might just be looking for Live Casino Partners Affiliates.

This program handles three well-known live casinos—Celtic Casino, Betbit Casino, and Fairway Casino. Promoting these gaming portals is easy because all three provide authentic live gaming experiences. Continue reading the review to know what you will get from joining the program.

Refer Players to the Featured Live Casinos for More Income

The program offers revenue sharing scheme and sub-affiliation. But since there are three brands under Live Casino Partner Affiliates, the commission rates vary. Here are the different rates per brand.

Celtic Casino

Promoters of this brand will get 30% revenue share up to an unlimited amount. If you bring in webmasters to the casino, you get 5% of the referred promoter’s monthly income. Since the program does not set limits as to how much you will earn, you can keep on referring as many players as you can for better cash flow.

Fairway Casino

If you choose to market Fairway Casino, your base rev share rate is 33%. You can increase your income by bringing in more bettors to the casino. You can also refer webmasters to the program and get 5% of the monthly income of your referred affiliate in return.

You can get 30% rev share up to an unlimited amount for as long as you keep on inviting players to You may even refer other affiliates to the program to receive 5% of their monthly income.

Limitless profits are what await you when you are a part of Live Casino Partners. There are no referral count requirements to worry about. You just need to focus on inviting more players so that your income will continue to add up. You can do this by being an active promoter and by using your promotional tools wisely. Just make sure that you use effective strategies that can generate traffic for your website.

Marketing Tools and Payment Terms

The program will give your personal tracking link along with other promotional tools, like banners and text links. These tools will give potential players an impression that you are a reliable promoter of the brand.

You will receive your profit on the 8th of each month through your chosen payment method. The program supports these reliable cash-out options:

  • Check
  • Wire transfer
  • Skrill
  • Neteller
  • Paypal

If you choose wire transfer when withdrawing at least €500, your transaction will be free of charge. Additionally, the program has a “no negative carryover” feature. This will make your balance positive at the start of each month even if the previous period left you having a balance that is in a negative position. To know more about the program, you may contact Live Casino Partners via email, Skype, or live chat.

Should You Join Live Casino Partners Affiliates?

Live Casino Partners Affiliates makes sure that it gets the favor of Bitcoin casino affiliates by providing commission plans with no limits, effective promotional tools, and on-time payouts. You no longer have to worry about referral count requirements because as long as you refer players to the brands of Live Casino Partners, your funds will add up.. There may be no alternative earning plans like CPA deals, but the program’s no-boundary commission plan should be enough for you to consider joining Live Casino Partners Affiliates.