PlayAttack Affiliates

Get 60% Rev Share as a New PlayAttack Affiliate

If there are Bitcoin gambling affiliate programs that focus on marketing only one gaming portal, there are some programs that promote more than one brand. PlayAttack Affiliates is one of them. When you become a part of this program, you get a chance to earn by campaigning its flagship casinos: Drift Casino, SlotV Casino, Mr Bit, Frank Casino, Casino Columbus, and Azartplay Casino.

The program takes pride in its gambling authority-regulated betting sites. You are sure that you are promoting gaming portals with complete licenses and certificates. And as one of the programs that market many brands, PlayAttack Affiliates gives you a bigger chance of earning income compared with when you are under other programs. Read through to know more about you can gain more profit from PlayAttack.

Base Commission Plan with Sub-Affiliation

PlayAttack Affiliates has become one of the biggest programs because of its generous commission structure. Here are the earning plans offered:

Revenue Sharing Scheme

Your income in this plan is a portion of the monthly net gaming revenue that the casino gets from your referred players. The more bets your players place, the more likely you will have revenue shares. To give your marketing venture a boost, the program offers you a seven-day 60% revenue share starting on your first day as a new and official PlayAttack affiliate. This means that 60% of the profit the casino gets from all the new players you bring in during your first seven days will top up your earnings.

You will find it hard to look for a program that offers such a startup rate. In fact, most programs can offer you just up to 40% rev share. Even if the 60% rev share under PlayAttack lasts for only seven days, you will not get to have a rate of less than 40%. After the seven-day period, your rate will depend on the number of players you rake in per month.

  • Refer 1 to 5 new bettors per month— Get 40% revenue share
  • Refer 6 to 10 new bettors per month— Get 45% revenue share
  • Refer 11 to 40 new bettors per month— Get 50% revenue share
  • Refer 41 or more new bettors per month— Get 55% revenue share

For you to get the ceiling rev share rate of 55%, you must be an active promoter. Make sure that potential players can see your affiliate links, banners, and posts on various social media platforms. When you maximize your presence on different casino-related networking sites, raking in 41 or more players will be within easy reach, especially that the brands under the program have a wide market reach.

CPA Deal

The program offers you an alternate earning plan—CPA deal. In this plan, your commission is no longer based on the net gaming revenue of the casino from your referred players. Instead, you earn per new depositing player that registers with the brand through your link. And in PlayAttack Affiliates, you can get up to €250 for every new active bettor you bring in.

Just keep your traffic high to convince more players to register with the brands under PlayAttack Affiliates. To have this CPA plan instead of rev sharing, you must check first with your affiliate manager if you are qualified. You get the CPA deal if your referrals have a minimum first deposit of US$20 and if these bettors do not come from the countries that are part of the list of restricted territories.

Hybrid Model

This commission model combines the CPA deal and the rev sharing scheme. This means that as an affiliate earning via the hybrid model, you get a guaranteed one-time payment for every depositing player you bring in and, at the same time, earn monthly a portion of the revenue gained by the casino from your referrals.

Not all affiliates, however, are eligible for this hybrid model. You must contact your affiliate manager first to see if you can be granted with this earning plan and know what your commission rates will be.


Sub-affiliation requires you to bring in brand promoters like you to earn additional income. You get 5% of the monthly income of your referred webmasters. Since this is an additional earning plan, you can complement this with your chosen commission structure.

By being active in affiliate marketing under PlayAttack, you will find it is not that hard to earn big profit. It does not even matter whether you choose rev sharing, CPA deal, or hybrid model. What matters is how well you strategize your campaign. When you find the right momentum, you will see any earning plan brought by the program is actually generous, not to mention you can gain extra profit by referring fellow affiliates as well.

Special Tools and Reliable Support Team

Affiliates of PlayAttack can request unique banners, graphic design elements, and brand descriptions from the program. Special promotional tools such as videos and news are also available. You may also use the demo games to further convince players to register with your chosen brand.

If those tools are not enough, you can always ask for further assistance from the affiliate managers via Skype or email. There are different affiliate managers assigned to respond to concerns on revenue share deals, queries about CPA deals, and questions on general affiliate matters.

Payment Terms and Program Brands

Unlike other affiliate programs, PlayAttack Affiliates lets you choose one among the following three payout options: get paid at the beginning of the month, receive earnings at the beginning and in the middle month, and suspend payments until you decide to withdraw your accumulated commissions. If you choose the second option, you will receive your commission on the fifth and 20th of the month. You can choose from among the various payment methods to receive your earnings:

  • Bank wire
  • Skrill
  • WMR
  • WMZ
  • money
  • ePayments

You should not worry about negative balances because the program has the “no negative carryover” feature. This means, that in case you incur a negative balance, you start the following month with a clean slate.

Once you are done choosing your payout schedule and cash-out method, you may start promoting the following brands under PlayAttack Affiliates:

  1. Azartplay Casino – This gaming portal is mobile-friendly and has over 1,000 games you can promote to global players.
  2. Casino Columbus – The casino offers a demo mode for you to give potential players a chance to play some of the casino’s games. It also has tournaments and regular promos.
  3. Frank Casino – This betting site rewards new players with different welcome gifts. You can use these as well as the exciting games to attract players.
  4. Mr Bit – As a hybrid casino, Mr Bit targets both cryptocurrency and fiat money players. It houses a wide array of licensed games from well-known software developers like NetEnt, Quickspin, and Habanero.
  5. SlotV Casino – This gaming portal has an anti-fraud tool, keeping players safe while having a great time. The tight security of the casino, along with the brand’s huge gaming library, is a good feature to promote to players.
  6. Drift Casino – This online casino is well-known for its 14-second registration process. Advertise this along with the games and promos offered by this betting site.

You have the option to promote all of these brands if you sign up as a member of PlayAttack Affiliates. Since these casinos accept global players, you will not find it difficult to stretch your market reach.

Should You Join PlayAttack Affiliates?

Sometimes, settling for a program that has high commission rates will leave you scrambling for earning plan requirements that are difficult to reach. Lucky for you, PlayAttack Affiliates has both easily achievable commission rate requirements and high-paying commission plans. With these two complementary features of the program, you have a bigger chance to earn your well-deserved commission.

Also, you can request customized materials for your campaign that can help you rake in more players. Better than that, the three payout options the program provides help you manage better your earnings. And yes, there are no monthly negative balance carryovers you will worry about. With all these features combined, the program is one that Bitcoin casino affiliates like you should sign up for.