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If you are thinking of becoming a Bitcoin affiliate, you will find every Bitcoin casino affiliates review worth a read. Affiliate reviews are comprehensive run-throughs about programs that you may consider signing up for. They let you picture out the bread and butter of partnering with the subject gaming sites. And yes, they are all over the web. Among them is this WildTornado affiliate program. Give this entire write-up a read to know whether or not you should include the program among your top choices.


Become a Bitcoin casino affiliate now to enjoy these amazing advantages.

Revenue Share


30% - 45%
Geo Location


Not accepting players from some territories
Advance Marketing


No negative balance carryover, high retention rate, various marketing materials
Affiliate Manager Contact


Constant affiliate support
Fast Payout


Timely payouts and convenient payment methods


Jackpot, Lottery, Slots, Table Games

2 WildTornado affiliate program earning options

There are two earning options that WildTornado affiliate program provides you with. The first one is the default rev sharing scheme. This earning plan has four tiers. Reaching any tier requires that you cause more traffic to the gaming site by getting more players into clicking through your affiliate links.  When your referred players drive net gaming revenue to the gaming site worth 2.5 BTC or below, you get a 30% rev share.

The more profit the casino generates from your players, the higher your rate can be. Optimize your marketing enough and you can actually reach the highest tier. It is where you get the highest possible WildTornado affiliate program rev share which is 45% coming from the 10 BTC to 15 BTC that the gaming site earned from your invites.

If the profit that WildTornado makes out of your players goes beyond 15 BTC, you may choose to earn via the second commission plan which is the customized CPA deal.  Bear in mind, though, that this plan further requires that you refer more than 50 depositing players to the gaming site.  Once qualified for the CPA deal, you can expect to earn bigger as a Bitcoin gambling affiliate.

WIldTornado affiliate program member payouts

As a marketing partner of WildTornado, you benefit from the No Negative Carryover feature of WildTornado affiliate program. The program shall wipe your slate clean by the start of the next month if you end this month with a negative balance. What happens, then, to your positive balance for the month, if any? Remove your worries as it shall not be reset to zero in the next month. Instead, it shall get bigger as you top it up with your next month’s earnings paid on time.

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Should you decide to withdraw your earnings, expect quick transactions via Bitcoin, Visa, and Skrill, among others. But remember that you cannot withdraw an amount below €50 or its equivalent in your desired currency. In case the month ends without your balance reaching the minimum €50 threshold, you can still rest assured that your balance shall roll over to the next month. When it reaches or goes beyond the threshold, then and only then you can cash it out.

If you have concerns about your payouts, never hesitate to reach the support team of the WildTornado’s Bitcoin affiliate program. They are just a message away via live chat, Skype, or email.

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