Café Casino Affiliate Program

In looking for a casino to create your partnership with, you do not forget to check out its program provider. You have to keep in mind that it is the provider that smoothens the edges of almost everything that has to do with your Bitcoin affiliate marketing. And if you browse the web to look for the best, you will find Betting Partners’ Café Casino affiliate program among the top-notchers.


Become a Bitcoin casino affiliate now to enjoy these amazing advantages.

Revenue Share


25% - 45%
Geo Location


None, accepts players worldwide including US
Advance Marketing


No negative balance carryover,affiliate banners, HTML live odds widget, match up tool, screenshot library, text links, write ups, XML odds feed, embed casino games, image resources
Affiliate Manager Contact


Around the clock customer service
Fast Payout


Fast and free pay-outs


Blackjack, Slot, Specialty Games, Table Games, Video Poker

To help you calculate the worth of signing up under the program, treat this Bitcoin casino affiliates review as your formula.

Café Casino’s revenue sharing scheme for affiliates

As a new Bitcoin affiliate, you will be glad to have some motivation to start with. Café Casino affiliate program must know where you’re coming from. This is because it offers you 50% revenue share for your first three months. Since this is just a limited offer, consider yourself lucky. You know, it’s not every day that you come across such promotion.

At the end of your first three months, you will start getting a revenue share based on the number of real-money players you refer to the casino every month. With zero to 10 invites, you earn 25% of the site’s profit gained from your traffic. If 11 to 50 players deposit through your link, your rate rises to 30%. And with 51 to 100 referred players, your share goes higher to 35%. Further, upon bringing in 101 to 250 new invites, the share you will get becomes 40%. Ultimately, if you are able to rake in 251 or more new real-money gamers, you will get yourself up to the highest tier with a profit share of 45%.

Don’t think that this scheme is the only way to earn when you are under the Café Casino affiliate program. Just so you know, you can also earn via the CPA deal. The catch is you first have to check with your Bitcoin gambling affiliate manager whether or not you qualify for this plan.

Transparent affiliate payments and reports

Whatever earning plan you qualified for, Café Casino affiliate program won’t burden you with negative carryovers. If your balance in the previous month is below zero, you won’t have to make up for it in the next month. You are sure that each month resets your account to zero. Also, the program offers you fast payouts, usually set around the 15th of every month.

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On the other hand, to cash out, you need to withdraw at least $10 using Bitcoin as the only payment method. This only payment channel must not bother you because Bitcoin is popular, safe, and minimally-charged.

To help you look through all your payments and your players’ activities, Café Casino affiliate program gives you access to its detailed reporting tools. These tools are simple, transparent, and helpful, and therefore make you see your real-time progress.

With all these perks and services of Café Casino affiliate program brought to you by Betting Partners, you must have figured out already how much the partnership is worth. And for added value, feel free to talk to the support staff of this Bitcoin gambling affiliate program via email.

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