Royal Affiliates

Royal Affiliates: An Affiliate Program that Deserves Your Membership?

You can easily become a Bitcoin casino affiliate nowadays, especially since there are now a lot of affiliate programs to choose from. The trouble now is finding the one that is right for you. While it is an option to visit casinos for you to have a look at their referral rewards system, it is much better if you read affiliate program reviews. These articles provide you with a detailed discussion of whether or not the programs evaluated are worthy of your membership.

In this review, you will know more about Royal Affiliates, an affiliate program provider that lets you earn by promoting Barbados Casino. Get to know more about the different offers of this program here.

Revenue Share and Customized Plan

When Royal Affiliates approves your application, you will automatically get 50% revenue share throughout your first three months. This is a great startup rate as you do not need to follow any net gaming revenue requirement just for you to get a 50% share of the casino’s profit generated from your referrals. You can earn at such a high rate in your first three months no matter how much the casino gains from your invites. But after three months, you will need to reach the following tiers to get the ceiling rate.

  • Net revenue of €1 to €5,000 – Get 25% rev share
  • Net revenue of €5,001 to €15,000– Get 30% rev share
  • Net revenue of €15,001 to €20,000 – Get 35% rev share
  • Net revenue of €20,001 to €50,000 – Get 40% rev share
  • Net revenue of €50,001 or more – Get 45% rev share

If you think that the rev share plan does not have a satisfactory rate, you can negotiate with your affiliate manager. If your suggestion is approved, you can have a customized plan for your whole marketing venture.  Unlike other affiliate programs that leave you with no choice but to stick with their offer, Royal Affiliates allows you to propose your preferred profit terms. As long as your proposal will benefit both parties, you will get your ideal commission structure.

Royal Affiliates’ Marketing Tools and Reports

As an affiliate, you will receive personalized marketing tools that aim to convert click-throughs into referral commissions. You can even use Barbados Casino’s gaming library as part of your campaign strategy to further convince your players to sign up with the gaming hub.

The program allows you to track the progress of your campaign by giving you access to affiliate reports. These will help you adjust your marketing strategy. There is an intelligence reporting tool available which analyzes your performance and shows you your current commission. You can even check this report any time through a mobile-friendly platform.

Cash-out Terms and Support Channels

Royal Affiliates makes it a point to give your commission on time. The program will send your funds on the 25th day of the month via Neteller or through bank transfer.

Be reminded, though, that all cash-out options have a minimum payment requirement. But the good news is that the program has a “no negative carryover” policy, which means you always start your month free from negative balances.

In case you have questions regarding the program, you can easily contact your affiliate manager through email, Skype, or WhatsApp. If you have concerns about finance, there is a separate email address that you can forward your concerns to.

Should You Join Royal Affiliates?

Overall, Royal Affiliates proves itself to be a good program. You are provided with tools that will make your marketing venture easier. The program also offers a profitable revenue sharing rate that allows you to have a great jumpstart through the 50% rev share startup offer. And if you think you deserve a different commission plan, you can request a tailored earning structure.

There is no need to worry about payment terms because the program sends your income on time through your chosen cash-out method. In addition, negative balances are not carried over to the next month, giving you a chance of earning more. With all the program’s good features, Royal Affiliates deserves to be on your list of top Bitcoin affiliate programs.