Space Casino Affiliate Program

Fresh from its establishment just in 2017, Space Casino has just begun its player-raking campaign. You can expect that it currently gives new players bonuses of stellar quantities. More so, it keeps its existing gamers playing through additional perks. Knowing these, it shall not be so hard, then, for those enrolled in Space Casino affiliate program to bring in players. Besides, who would not want great rewards and promotions?


Become a Bitcoin casino affiliate now to enjoy these amazing advantages.

Revenue Share


30% to 45% rev share
Geo Location


Not accepting players from Restricted in some territories
Advance Marketing


No negative balance carryover, variety of promotional materials, comprehensive stats on players
Affiliate Manager Contact


Professional support team
Fast Payout


Fast payments


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If your interest in the said program has just sparked, read on. This Bitcoin casino affiliates review will help you know the best things about partnering with Space Casino.

Commission Structure for Affiliates

With the help of the promo materials provided by Space Casino affiliate program, you will work your way up the tiers of the program’s rev sharing plan. But, of course, you will have to invite players who will place real-money bets.

If within the month, your referred players made the casino earn a revenue of up to €1,000 or 0.1 BTC, you get a 30% rev share. But if the net monthly profit they contributed to Space Casino equals any amount between €1,000 or 0.1 BTC and €2,000 or 0.2 BTC, your rate rises to 35%.

Further, you may get as high a rev share as 40% or 45% when your players’ bets make the casino earn €2,000 or 0.2 BTC or above within the month. Achieving the highest tier is not impossible for any member of this Bitcoin affiliate program. Just work hard enough to rake in more players. The more players you get to play, the higher your rev share may become.

Space Casino affiliate program payments, reports, and support

If you are an active Bitcoin gambling affiliate, you can always expect to have earnings each month. And no matter how much money your players win, you will not have to worry about negative balances. Space Casino affiliate program applies the No Negative Carryover policy. Therefore, you begin each month with a balance not below zero.

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Bear in mind that it is within the first few days of each month when payments top up your Bitcoin affiliate account. If after the payment period, you wish to withdraw your funds, you can do so anytime regardless of the amount. And yes, there are no charges. However, if your players made the gaming site profit in bitcoins, your share will also be in bitcoins. But if they contributed profit in other currencies, it will automatically convert to euros. In such case, you will also receive your payouts in euros.

Player activity reports are also available for viewing. Just click through the Statistics button and you will gain access to data showing how well you perform as a marketer. If the Space Casino affiliate program reports are not enough to answer all your queries, send a message to the support staff via email or live chat. Expect to get friendly support.

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