Raging Bull Affiliate Program

While other programs offer hierarchical profit structures, Raging Bull affiliate program gives a flat profit rate that is not too high, but not too low either. The program’s revenue sharing scheme might not be as competitive as that of others, but it has more to offer than you know.


Become a Bitcoin casino affiliate now to enjoy these amazing advantages.

Revenue Share


Geo Location


Not accepting players from Costa Rica, Israel, Mauritus, Netherlands Antilles or South Africa
Advance Marketing


No negative balance carryover, online banners, HTML and text mailers
Affiliate Manager Contact


Professional support team

Fast Payout


Payments are made in timely manner, 15th day of the following month


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Through this Bitcoin casino affiliates review, you’ll know the other earning plans offered by Raging Bull affiliate program which runs on Fast Track Affiliates platform.

Raging Bull’s flat rev sharing and optional earning plans

For some Bitcoin casino affiliates, earning a high profit is difficult when there is a monthly target they need to comply with. Some of them remain down at the lowest tier, either because they didn’t refer enough players, or that their players didn’t deposit enough amount. Luckily, though, for those who really work hard, they thrive in the program.

This pattern holds truth for some partnerships, but not for Raging Bull affiliate program by Fast Track affiliates. Here, regardless of the number of players you refer or the amount of money they deposit, you get a flat 35% share of the profit gained from your players.

Apart from this, other earning schemes also come available based on your approval rate. Talk to your Bitcoin gambling affiliate manager to see if you qualify for the CPA deal in which earnings are based on the number of players you bring in. Or better yet, you can go for the Hybrid Revenue Plan which is a combination of the CPA deal and revenue sharing plan.

And if you want, you can refer others to the Raging Bull affiliate program.  This will give you 5% of your sub-affiliates’ net profit. But then again, this would depend on the approval of your account manager.

Raging Bull affiliate payment terms and reports

Besides the no bundling feature of the Raging Bull affiliate program, partners also benefit from the no carryover policy. If you happen to have a negative balance this month, you will not need to cover it up by your next month’s profit.

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By the way, you cannot withdraw your payout via e-wallet if your balance is below $100. And if you want to cash out less than $300 through wire transfer, it will also not be possible. But don’t worry, your positive balance which did not reach the minimum will be carried over to the next months until they can be withdrawn.

Meanwhile, expect your payments to be made after 15 business days following the end of each month. The schedule may vary but you are sure to get your profit directly via the payment method you prefer.

To track all of your earnings, Fast Track affiliates’ Raging Bull affiliate program gives you instant access to real-time reports. These include not only your profits but also your players’ wins, losses, and purchases. All these data will update you of how you do as a marketing partner.

And if problems arise as you market the company, just contact the program’s email and phone support team.

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