6 Essentials for Bitcoin Casino Affiliate Starters

INFOGRAPHIC: Bitcoin Casino Affiliate Marketing Starter Kit

Starting your Bitcoin casino affiliate marketing venture will be easier if you have a checklist of the things that will kick off your moneymaking campaign with a bang. If you think registering with a popular Bitcoin affiliate program is enough, you are mistaken.

Without much knowledge of the must-haves in affiliate marketing, you will find yourself drowning in frustration before you even got your first commission. You may even end up thinking of never ever trying to make money out of Bitcoin casinos anymore. So bear this in mind: You can have a robust Bitcoin wallet if you start your venture the right way.

To help you jumpstart, we give you the essentials to being profitable in the field of promoting Bitcoin casinos. Consider the following as your Bitcoin casino affiliate marketing starter kit.

Bitcoin Casino Affiliate Marketing Starter Kit

1| Bitcoin Wallet

Begin with the end in mind. What is your goal? A wallet full of bitcoins which begins with getting yourself first a crypto wallet. It is in your crypto wallet where your revenue shares or CPA commissions will go. And it is through your wallet you can cash out your affiliate earnings.

2| Bitcoin Affiliate Program Membership

Join the right Bitcoin casino affiliate program. How will you even know if a program is the right one for you? Read unbiased affiliate program reviews. Check the commission models offered, the payment terms implemented, the casino’s rating, the marketing tools provided, and the payout requirements match your preferences.

More than that, see if the casino you will promote covers your target market. If you are aiming for US referrals, then it will not be helpful to sign up for a non-US-targeted affiliate program.

TIP: It is better to join a Bitcoin affiliate program that lets you promote multiple casinos.

3| Campaign Tools

The marketing materials you will use should not be a worry because the affiliate program usually provides them. Once registered, you will get pre-made banners, gifs, and promo images, among others, all hyperlinked to make every referral click count under your account.

If you want, you can come up with your own marketing materials. You can make your own banners with your own promos like FREE SPINS. But these, of course, have to be approved by your affiliate manager first.

4| Online Betting-Related Website

Without website, your campaign will have minimal to zero exposure. You will not be able to maximize the use of your marketing tools. It is on your website where you will place your referral links, banners, promos, and more.

If you have your own site, getting people to notice your campaign will be easier. But attracting website visitors takes SEO skills. You will have to publish regular content related to online betting like gambling tips, industry news, casino reviews, and game reviews.

TIP: Take inspiration from known casino review sites (because yes, these sites are casino affiliates as well): BestBitcoinCasino.com, AskGamblers, and Gamblers Pick, among others.

5| Social Media Accounts

To drive more traffic to your gambling-related website, increase your online presence. Be active on social media. Post your content their. Lead your social media followers/subscribers to your website where your quality content and attractive promotions are strategically positioned.

Facebook has now become stricter in implementing its rules against gambling, so discover other platforms. Posting on Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest will not be enough.

TIP: Set up a Bitcointalk account. Bitcointalk is where most Bitcoin bettors converse about casino promotions, issues, and news. Be present on Reddit where you will find active threads on gambling. The more social media platforms you penetrate, you wider your reach can be.

6| Marketing Email

Another way to reach out personally to your prospective referrals is through email marketing. Set up your own marketing email. Use it to alert your prospects of latest casino promotions, seasonal bonuses, and more. The challenge here, though, is getting email addresses. But this should become easier as you discover more ways to generate leads.

The six items enumerated above are just but the essentials. When you start experiencing the fruits of your campaign, you will surely see it imperative to innovate and find better ways to accumulate more referrals and conversions. Plus, with additional efforts to keep up with the latest SEO practices, you will be on your way to bigger profits out of Bitcoin casino affiliation.