GiG Affiliates

GiG Affiliates: Is Promoting Its Seven Brands Enough?

Promoting one casino can give you a chance to earn funds monthly. But you have a bigger chance to earn more if you join a Bitcoin affiliate program that allows you to market various brands. This is what GiG Affiliates can offer you.

When you join this program, you have a chance to earn by promoting its flagship brands: Thrills, SuperLenny, BetSpin, Kaboo, Rizk, HighRoller, and Guts. Read through this affiliate program review to know the benefits of joining GiG Affiliates.

Flexible Reward Plans for You

There are three earning plans available here: revenue share, CPA deal, and hybrid deal. Both CPA deal and hybrid package require you to get the approval of your affiliate manager before you can have either of these alternative earning plans.

Revenue Sharing Scheme

This is the basic commission plan that you can find in almost all affiliate programs. Your commission will depend on the net gaming revenue that the casino will receive from your referred players. But, your rev share rate will depend on the number of players you bring in.

  • Refer 1 to 9 new players per month—Get 25% revenue share
  • Refer 10 to 19 new players per month—Get 30% revenue share
  • Refer 20 to 34 new players per month—Get 35% revenue share
  • Refer 35 or more new players per month—Get 40% revenue share

The required number of referrals is attainable. You can bring in 35 or more players by being an active promoter. But you should consider if the commission rev share rate is worth it. With the growing number of affiliate programs, you can find programs with a rev share rate as high as 60% or more. And those programs have an achievable required number of players as well.

Before joining a Bitcoin referral program, you should make sure that the program can guarantee you a commission rate that you deserve. Go for a program that can give you both easy-to-comply-with requirements and high rev share percentages.

CPA Deal

Unlike the rev share scheme, the CPA deal pays you for every player that registers through your link. As more players sign up through your link, the bigger your chance becomes to gain profit. On the other hand, not all affiliates can benefit from this CPA deal. You need to consult with your affiliate manager first to know if you are qualified for this earning plan.

Hybrid Deal

The hybrid deal is a combination of CPA deal and revenue sharing. You earn both a one-time fee for every new referral and a share of the net gaming revenue that the brand gets from your referrals. Just like the CPA deal, the hybrid plan requires you to contact your affiliate manager first to know if you are eligible for this plan.

If you think the commission structures of this program do not meet your standard, you may negotiate with your affiliate manager as the program is open to your suggestions. Your proposal, however, will be accepted only if the program thinks it can benefit both parties.

Your Media Kits and Payment Options

Promotional tools like logos, banners, and templates provided by the program can help you market the seven brands under GiG Affiliates. If you think that you need a customized marketing tool, you may send an email to your affiliate manager.

If you maximize the use of your marketing tools, you increase your chance of gaining profit each month. And you can see your profit every day via your daily report even before the program sends your income. But before you get your hard-earned commission, you should choose from among the following cash-out methods:

  • Neteller
  • Skrill
  • Bank transfer

All commissions are in EUR to be sent to affiliates on the 15th of each month. Even better, you start each month with a zero balance if you ever incurred a negative balance in the previous month. This can give you more opportunities to increase your profit.

Support Team and Program Brands

If you have questions that are not found on the FAQ page, you may contact the program’s Skype or email support. You may even choose any of the affiliate managers available and expect that they will answer all your inquiries.

Other than choosing which affiliate manager to contact, you can also choose which brand or brands to market from among the seven betting portals under GiG Affiliates. For a wider market reach, it would be better if you promote all of these betting sites:

  1. Guts – This betting site has a casino section and a sportsbook. Both of these sections offer generous bonus packages.
  2. Thrills –Known for its adventure-themed games, Thrills will keep players betting for more. The gaming portal also boasts its unique features—freebies vault, bonus-o-meter, and lightning
  3. SuperLenny – Live games in casino and sports are what make this gaming portal popular.. SuperLenny also offers plenty of freebies that you can advertise to prospective players.
  4. Betspin – This casino has over 500 games that you can market. You can also promote its tournaments.
  5. Kaboo – Players know Kaboo for its “relics” which are gift boxes with different prizes. You can advertise these, as well as the betting site’s huge gaming library.
  6. Rizk – This casino takes pride in its race and wheel of Rizk. Promote these features well and there is a big chance for you to earn more income.
  7. Highroller – This betting site allows players to loot coins from one another for more spins and freebies.

These various brands under GiG Affiliates give you the opportunity to have a wide market reach. Since each of these gaming portals has a different target market, you will find that being under the program is like hitting more birds with just one stone.

Should You Join GiG Affiliates?

Joining a program that lets you promote various betting sites gives you a bigger chance of raking in players, having a wider market reach, and more. But even if you have the opportunity to promote many brands, it is still important that you choose a program that offers rewarding commission structures.

GiG Affiliates might allow you to earn by promoting more than one gaming portal, but you can still find other affiliate program providers with better offers. These programs do not require you to propose your desired commission rate because the offers of these programs are high enough to increase your profitability per month. In this case, you may read other affiliate program reviews to know which programs deserve your membership.