7 Liberty Slots Affiliate Program

7 Liberty Slots Affiliate Program: A Program You Should Sign Up For?

7 Liberty Slots, powered by Wager Gaming Technology platform, is known in the iGaming industry for its wide range of online slots. This casino also offers a user-friendly interface that allows you to access the betting site through your mobile phone. Owners of the gaming hub worked with Jacobson Gaming to ensure that all games are certified to provide fair results.


Become a Bitcoin casino affiliate now to enjoy these amazing advantages.

Revenue Share


20% to 40% revenue share
Geo Location


Not accepting players from Canada, United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland or US
Advance Marketing


Banners and logos
Affiliate Manager Contact


Contact form
Fast Payout


Get paid at the end of each month with no negative balance carryover


Slots, Table Games, Video Poker

With those features, some Bitcoin casino affiliates cannot help but join 7 Liberty Slots Affiliate Program, a way to earn funds monthly by promoting 7 Liberty Slots. This program is under Slots Vendor Affiliates, a program provider that handles Lincoln Casino Affiliate Program as well. Read through this affiliate program review to know whether or not partnering with 7 Liberty Slots is potentially rewarding.

Reasons Players Sign Up with 7 Liberty Slots

There is so much that makes 7 Liberty Slots easy to promote. The betting site offers downloadable and instant play games. Plus, these games are accessible on mobile devices and are for a wide range of casino players such as slots, card, and table games bettors.

Even better, you can market the daily tournaments of the casino as well as the glorious bonuses offered. However, you cannot refer players from the US, Canada, and the United Kingdom as these are parts of the restricted countries of the casino.

Earn a Monthly Income by Referring Players and Affiliates

Most of the time, affiliates depend on the commission plans offered by the Bitcoin referral program to know if that program is worth it or not. This is why some programs offer various earning plans, such as CPA and hybrid deals. But 7 Liberty Slots is different as it offers revenue sharing and sub-affiliation only.

Revenue Share

Instead of giving you a fixed commission rate all throughout your marketing venture, 7 Liberty Slots Affiliate Program gives you a range of 20% to 40% revenue share. The catch is, the rates will change depending on the net win of the casino. Below are the net win amounts that the casino should get from your referrals and the corresponding rev share percentages that you will get:

  • Net win up to US$11,000 – Get 20% revenue share
  • Net win of US$11,001 to US$25,000– Get 25% revenue share
  • Net win of US$25,001 to US$40,000 – Get 30% revenue share
  • Net win of US$40,001 to US$50,000 – Get 35% revenue share
  • Net win of US$50,001 and greater – Get 40% revenue share

You might think that getting the highest rate can be tricky with the requirement, but it is not if your players are high rollers. Market the casino to aggressive bettors and you will have a bigger chance of helping the casino reach a net win of US$50,001 or more each month. You can also make use of the program’s marketing tools to refer more players. Remember, the more players you bring in, the faster you can reach your desired rev share rate.


Players are not the only ones that you can refer. You can earn money as well by bringing in webmasters. For every affiliate that you refer to the program, you can get 5% of his monthly income.

Join Now

The affiliate program wants to keep it simple by offering you revenue sharing and sub-affiliation. You no longer need to choose from among various commission plans because you will be automatically under revenue sharing. You can even get extra funds through sub-affiliation.

Payment Terms of 7 Liberty Slots Affiliate Program

7 Liberty Slots Affiliate Program promises on-time payments. The program will send all your monthly earnings through your player account at the end of each month. Should you decide to withdraw your funds, you may choose from any of the following cash-out options:

  • Neteller
  • Wire transfer
  • Skrill
  • Check by courier

These withdrawal options may change without prior notice, so be sure to check the cash-out options available. In addition, you no longer have to worry about negative balances because these are not carried over to the next month.

Campaign Materials and Statistical Reports

7 Liberty Slots gives you access to campaign materials such as banners and logos to help you with your campaign. This way, you are not limited to sharing the referral link through email as you can add these tools to your website. Make the most of these tools for you to catch the attention of your potential referrals.

In addition, the program gives statistical reports that will help you monitor your marketing performance. The reports get updated hourly, showing you the total number of referrals as well as your current income.

Should You Join 7 Liberty Slots Affiliate Program?

7 Liberty Slots is an attractive casino to promote. From various games, rewarding bonuses to daily tournaments, there is enough reason for you to market 7 Liberty Slots.

In addition, you will be given access to promotional tools such as banners and logos when you join 7 Liberty Slots Affiliate Program. You can also check your marketing performance through the updated reports provided by the program. Refer as many players as you can to have the highest revenue share rate of 40% each month. And if that is still not enough, you can do sub-affiliation to complement revenue sharing for additional income. You can also expect your funds to arrive every end of the month through your player account.

Overall, the program proves that you are not just promoting a great casino, but you are also going to get the best program deals. In this case, 7 Liberty Slots Affiliate Program is one you should sign up for.

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