Fair Play Matrix Affiliate Program

Fair Play Matrix: 5 Streams of Income

As the competition among casino affiliates tighten vis-a-vis the expansion of the online gambling industry, more affiliates look to widen their reach by joining more affiliate programs. Not only do they scout to find newer casinos to earn from, but they also look for better commission structures. The good thing is, they now have Fair Play Matrix Affiliate Program among their options.


Become a Bitcoin casino affiliate now to enjoy these amazing advantages.

Revenue Share


Up to 50% revenue share plus cycle commissions
Geo Location


None, accepts players worldwide including US
Advance Marketing


Rich media and other campaign tools plus real-time reports
Affiliate Manager Contact


Dedicated account manager
Fast Payout


Fast daily crypto payouts and 3x/month fiat payments


Card Games, Instant Win Games, Scratch Cards, Slots, Table Games

Tapping into Fair Play Matrix’s market may lead you to raking in profits upon profits. The affiliate program is a revolutionary earning system that gives you the option to receive income starting from just investing in the casino project. If you think the potential returns will come only from referrals like when you join other affiliate programs, you are missing out on so much. Learn more about all the five streams of income you can benefit from when you join Fair Play Matrix by reading on.

#1: Monthly Passive Income

Online gambling is a billion-dollar industry that benefits not only casino operators but also affiliates and investors. Since putting up a web-based game of chance business requires so much capital, others resort buying shares. If you are interested to profit through Fair Play Matrix, buying at least one share of the company, priced at 0.05 BTC per share, is the first step.

The iGaming company sells stocks that you can purchase so that you can have passive income. Say you buy 2% share of the company, you are also entitled to 2% of the total revenue being generated by the brand. That is a huge 2 BTC for every 100 BTC earned by the company!

#2: Player Referral Commission

No matter how little your investment in Fair Play Matrix is, income-generation can still be maximized by simply referring players to the two casinos operated by the company: Crypto Fair Play and Play Your Bet.

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You will be given your unique referral link that contains a tracker. All signups through your link will be monitored. Then, 25% of the revenue coming from these players will be credited to your account. The more bettors you invite, the higher the income you can receive.

#3: Cycle of Share-Buyers

You can get commissions not only from your referred players but also from you invited investors. Get your friends and family to buy shares from Fair Play Matrix and you get 10% of what they purchased.

Take note that there is a certain structure be followed here to maximize your income. You need to refer two share-buyers called your downlines, and these share-buyers also need to each have their two new downlines. Completing this matrix means you completed a cycle, and you get a reward fixed reward of 0.1 BTC.

#4 & #5: Succeeding Cycles

After completing one cycle, you can start filling up a new matrix with you on top for another shot at 0.1 BTC incentive. One option is to invite two new downlines and complete the remaining parts of the second matrix.

Another option, which is the more profitable option is to put your downlines from the previous cycle in your new one. But to do this, remember that before your old downlines can be placed in a new matrix under you, they should first complete their respective cycles. So you need to help them complete their first cycle. Doing so with success gives you a reward of 0.1 BTC for every previous downline’s matrix you helped complete.

You can make this cycle go on for a couple of times. The more matrices you complete, you bigger your earnings will be.

Marketing with Confidence

To give you more confidence in affiliate marketing, Fair Play Matrix gives you the following features and benefits:

  1. Easy-to-Market Casinos – The company operates Crypto Fair Play Casino and Play You Bet Casino. Both of these are well-curated with over 2,000 games from more than 40 reputable game providers like Endorphina, GameArt, iSoftBet, and Playson, to name a few.
  2. Dedicated Affiliate Manager – Help and assistance is always on the way as the company assigns you your own account manager. Your manager may even help you have the most competitive deals.
  3. Real-Time Reporting – All click-throughs and signups get recorded to your dashboard in real time, so you can always access your own accurate affiliate marketing data anytime.
  4. Fast Payments – Your crypto payouts are credited daily to your account, and your fiat payouts three times per month.
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Should You Be a Fair Play Matrix Affiliate?

Definitely, you should be part of Fair Play Matrix’s earning system if you have enough Bitcoin to start your investment with. Getting revenue shares from the players you refer is topped off with an endless opportunity to receive incentives out of completing share-buyers’ matrices.

Most of all, you have more confidence in doing affiliate marketing through the easy-to-market crypto and fiat casinos propelled by the company. Plus, you get to have a dedicated account manager ready to assist you throughout your venture, real-time reports to help you track your marketing performance, and fast, on-time payments to make you want to earn more!

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