FunClub Casino Affiliate Program

Join Funclub Casino Affiliates and Get €75 for Each Real-Money Player

Funclub Casino, known for its finest digital entertainment for players, is catching the attention of gamers and Bitcoin casino affiliates. This Costa Rica-based casino has only over 150 games for you to promote. But since it is under Affiliates Revenue, you can still convince players to register with the casino through the tools and techniques that you can get from the program.


Become a Bitcoin casino affiliate now to enjoy these amazing advantages.

Revenue Share


20% to 37% revenue share
Geo Location


Not accepting players from some territories
Advance Marketing


Proven and tested standard creatives
Affiliate Manager Contact


Reliable email and Skype support
Fast Payout


Get paid on the 10th business day of each month with no negative balance carryover


3D slots, Classic Slots, Scratch Cards, Table Games, Video Poker, Virtual Racebook

Through this Funclub Casino Affiliates review, you will know the advantages that you will get when you market the brand. Continue reading.

Bigger Commission for More Player and Affiliate Referrals

There are various earning plans in this program: revenue sharing scheme, sub-affiliation, and CPA deal. Find out which suits you best.

Revenue Sharing Scheme

The revenue sharing scheme lets you earn based on the net gaming revenue the casino gets from your referred players. But your commission rate will depend on the number of new depositing players you bring in. Keep in mind, though, that the profit you will earn from the desktop casino will be different from that which you will get from the mobile casino. Below are the numbers of player referrals you need to rake in for you to reach the different rev share tiers:

  • 1 to 25 player referrals per month – 20% desktop casino rev share and 30% mobile rev share
  • 26 to 100 player referrals per month – 25% desktop casino rev share and 33% mobile casino rev share
  • 101 to 299 player referrals per month – 30% desktop casino rev share and 35% mobile casino rev share
  • 300 or more player referrals per month – 35% desktop casino rev share and 37% mobile casino rev share

While other programs offer 40% to 60% rev shares, Funclub Casino referral program may give you only up to 37% rev share. Bear in mind that for you to get this ceiling rate, you need to refer 300 or more players per month. If your website does not generate much traffic, you will have to work all the harder improve your marketing strategy for bigger chances of reaching the top rev share rate.

CPA Deal

If you want a faster way to earn income, choose the subscription plan, which is a CPA deal, over revenue sharing. You just need to refer real-money players so that you can get up to €75 for each gamer. This deal can guarantee you instant income for every player you bring in.

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Players, on the other hand, are not the only ones you can refer. You can also refer affiliates. You get 5% of the profit of your referred webmasters each month.

The more affiliates and players you refer, the higher commission you get. Take note that sub-affiliation is an additional plan which means you can still use this plan even if you have already been approved for revenue sharing or CPA.

Payment Terms and Promotional Tools

Funclub Casino Affiliates gives you effective tools for your campaign. You receive standard creatives to convince players and affiliates that Funclub Casino is the best. These materials will match the latest innovations that can help you generate more traffic. More so, you also get detailed statistics of your marketing performance each month.

Also included in the statistics is your payout record. You can be sure that all your recorded commissions will top up your account monthly. As one of the affiliates of Funclub Casino, you get your profit every 10th of each month through your chosen payment channel. Among the reliable payment methods you can choose from are: bank transfer, Skrill, Neteller, and Paypal. You also have the option to directly receive your funds in your chosen Bitcoin wallet.

Reliable Affiliate Manager at Your Service

When you become a Funclub Casino affiliate, you will be provided with an affiliate manager. You may contact your affiliate manager through the email or Skype support of the program. You may also check the FAQ page for more information about the program.

Indeed, Funclub Casino affiliate program does have a fair offer to its affiliates. Just like some of the popular Bitcoin casino affiliate programs, this program will continue paying you for as long as you keep on inviting players who will contribute revenue to the casino. There are, however, still programs that can offer you a higher commission rate. You can read other affiliate program reviews to find the suitable one for you.

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    funclub casino provides fun for casino enthusiasts. if you like to play video slots then try funclub casino. costumer service is extremely helpful and the site is easily navigated. deposit options are exactly what one expects they should be from an online casino.

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