Affiliates Revenue

Affiliates Revenue: Target Desktop and Mobile Player for More Profit

Affiliates Revenue gives you the opportunity to gain profit monthly by promoting Silver Edge Casino and Funclub Casino. Marketing these two betting sites is not a problem as both host exciting games.

Signing up as a Bitcoin casino affiliate under Affiliates Revenue is quick and easy as you only need to provide your email, account details, and desired payment method. After that, you can immediately start your marketing venture with the help of the program’s offers. Get to know more about Affiliates Revenue in this review.

Revenue Sharing, CPA Deal, and Sub-Affiliation

Earning in this program requires you to bring in new paying players. You have two commission plans to choose from—revenue share and CPA deal. Do not worry because you can have sub-affiliation to complement your chosen commission structure. Now you can target players and webmasters for more income.

Revenue Sharing Scheme

Through the revenue sharing scheme, a percentage of the net gaming revenue that the casino will get from your referred players will go to you. It is important to note that the desktop and the mobile platforms of the casinos managed by Affiliates Revenue offer different rates.

  • Refer 1 to 25 players per month – Earn 20% desktop casino rev share and 30% mobile rev share
  • Refer 26 to 100 players per month – Earn 25% desktop casino rev share and 33% mobile casino rev share
  • Refer 101 to 299 players per month – Earn 30% desktop casino rev share and 35% mobile casino rev share
  • Refer 300 and more players per month – Earn 35% desktop casino rev share and 37% mobile casino rev share

Racking up 300 or more referrals per month to get the ceiling rev share is not that easy. Without a great marketing strategy, you may always end up landing on the first or second tier of the rev sharing scheme. But with an active campaign, high website traffic, and wider market reach across the different social media, you are closer to snatching the highest possible rev share rate offered by the program.

CPA Deal

If you want to receive upfront payouts per referral, you can select the CPA deal. This alternative commission plan offers €75 for every real-money player you bring in. However, not all affiliates are eligible for this plan. Simply contact the program’s affiliate manager to determine if you are qualified for the CPA plan. If your CPA request is denied, you will be defaulted to the revenue sharing scheme.


Sub-affiliation lets you earn extra income by referring affiliates to the referral program of Silver Edge and Funclub. Five percent of your recruits’ monthly income is automatically yours. Keep in mind that sub-affiliation is an additional earning plan, meaning you can have this deal along with either the rev sharing scheme or CPA deal.

Affiliates Revenue lets you decide which commission plan can help you earn more funds monthly. The problem is, the highest revenue share rate that you can get is only 37% while other affiliate programs can offer as high as 60%. In addition, the flat rate of €75 that you can get from the CPA deal is relatively lower compared with what you can get from other programs.

Standard Creatives and Affiliate Manger Contact

Certified by international companies, Affiliates Revenue can provide you with multilingual creatives customized according to your preferences. This way, you are not limited to referring local players, and you are sure that your promotional tools are tailored-fit to your campaign. You can expect that the impact of these materials will be shown in the reports that you will get from the program.

In case you have problems or suggestions about the program, you can reach the support team via email or Skype. Do not hesitate to voice out your concerns any time of the day. You can expect professional assistance soon after the support team receives your message.

Affiliates Revenue’s Payment Terms and Flagship Betting Sites

Affiliates Revenue is punctual when it comes to sending your income. You do not have to worry about the payment terms here because the program will make sure that you get your profit on the 10th of each month with no payment thresholds imposed. Your income will be sent through any of the following cash-out methods supported by the program:

  • Bitcoin wallet
  • Paypal
  • Neteller
  • Skrill
  • Bank Transfer

Additionally, the program has the “no negative balance carryover” policy.  This means that you start each month free from negatives, giving you a bigger chance to gain more funds.

Other than knowing the commission plans, marketing tools, and payment terms of Affiliates Revenue, you should also be aware of the brands under this affiliate program provider. These are two gaming hubs you can promote as an Affiliates Revenue member:

  1. Silver Edge Casino

This casino has over 200 gaming titles and a selection of reliable withdrawal and deposit methods. It also has daily bonuses that will help you refer more players.

  1. FunClub Casino

This gaming site is known for its exciting Rival and Betsoft Gaming games and up to 10 deposit bonuses for players. All these can give you more chances of bringing in a lot of gamers.

You have the choice to promote only one brand. But you have a bigger huge chance of earning more if you advertise both gaming portals. With the right campaign strategy, promoting the two brands will be easy as pie.

Should You Join Affiliates Revenue?

When you are an Affiliates Revenue member who steadily brings in new depositors, you can expect to keep the commissions coming. The trouble is when you want to have a rev share rate that is higher than the program’s ceiling rate of 37%. In this case, you can always look for other Bitcoin referral programs, especially those offering 45% to 60% rev shares. Never forget, though, to check the requirements that come with the earning rates. Some programs offer relatively high rev share percentages that are actually almost impossible to achieve because of the hard-to-comply-with requirements that come with them.

As far as Affiliates Revenue is concerned, the bunch of 300 or more referrals per month you are required to bring in to get the highest rev share rate is not that hard to achieve. For as long as your affiliate websites generate much traffic and that your marketing tools are effectively positioned, hitting the ceiling percentage is not far from reach.

But if your website has just started reaching out to players, it is better that you check out other programs by going through different affiliate program reviews. Expose yourself to more programs to find the right one for you.