WPN Affiliates

The WPN Affiliates is more than happy to introduce a partnership deal that is fit for everyone. Each of the successful brands WPN offers closes down the gap between you and great profits. Find out what makes Bitcoin casino programs like WPN a top choice for many.

WPN is a great choice for those who want to take on the fun and profitable world of online marketing. What makes it even better is the fact that the program welcomes users from around the world. Even U.S. users get to enjoy the benefits of the WPN affiliates program.

There’s no cost if you want to become a WPN partner. Signing up is free of charge and anyone can start their marketing campaigns in no time thanks to the easy-to-follow steps. Simply visit the homepage, fill up the registration form, and within 24 hours WPN gives you access to the Bitcoin affiliate site. Here, you can check out regular updates, reports, and the different marketing tools.

Payment model

There are three ways to start bagging profits from your Bitcoin affiliate marketing efforts. WPN Affiliates offers a grand Net Revenue Structue, Rakeback NGR, and CPA.

The Net Revenue Share Deal calculates your shares based on how much your referred players generate in a month. The initial deal begins at 25% and you can increase this up to 35% once you get more players to register through your site.

Next in line is the Rakeback Dea, which allows you to offer your players the choice to get 27% of the net rake they generate in a week. As WPN Affiliates, you also get a percentage of what they get every month. This ranges from 8% all the way to 12%.

The CPA deal pays you for every player you send to your selected WPN brand. Once the deposit and the requirements are satisfied, prepare for more profits to come your way.

In addition, you may also apply for the Sub-Affiliates deal. Here, you can get more users to register as WPN Affiliates. In return, you get a 2% of the earnings generated by the new partners.

Marketing solutions

Make the most of the wide range of tools available to give your campaigns a huge boost. From banners to landing pages, WPN makes sure that you are armed to the teeth. The list includes an extensive selection of creative, text links, banners, business cards, offline flyers, and raw API.


Partners of WPN are paid on a monthly basis. Typically, payments are processed within the first three weeks of the previous month. If you want to check how much you have collected for the month, click on the “Finance Statement” button under the “Finance” section.

WPN Affiliates keeps things simple by offering Bitcoin only as the sole payment method. This means fast, easy, and cheap withdrawals for all partners.

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