Affalliance Affiliates

Affalliance Affiliates show its passion when it comes to giving profit-yielding opportunities. With fiat and Bitcoin casino programs ready to give away breathtaking earnings, there’s no doubt that many will appreciate the perks of partnering with the Affalliance brands.

All partners are equipped with the best tools to succeed. The competitive environment is more than enough to drive partners towards the best. When you sign up, you can be sure that your players are in for a treat. Not only are you given the opportunity to earn, you also provide gaming enthusiasts ways to better enjoy online gaming. Introduce all the entertaining gaming experiences offered by the Affalliance brands. Show them what proper gaming services feels like.

Be prepared to come across professionals, world-class marketing solutions, reliable brands, handsome deals, and a lot more.

Commission plans

Partners get fair deals from start to finish. Achieve a long and lasting partnership with Affalliance affiliates and make the most out of the huge deals in store for you. Not only do you get one option, but there are multiple deals you can secure to gain profits.

Currently, there’s the CPA Program, Revenue Share, Hybrid Deals, and Custom Deals. Find which one fits your style the best and make the most of the opportunities around you.

The CPA program allows partners to get paid a specific amount per referral. Get a quote from the manager if you want to check the rates per player.

Revenue Share grants a deal that could bring in as much as 45% of the profits from the players. Initially, you start with a 25% deal. Get more players to register, deposit, and play, and secure another stream of income.

Affalliance affiliates also has the best of both worlds for you, which comes in the form of hybrid deals. This is a mix of the CPA and Revenue Share deal. If you can’t decide between the two, why not get both?

Last but not least, you can get in touch with the Affalliance Affiliates managers and discuss custom deals. Affalliance wants to hear from you. Feel free to bring up your suggestions and proposals for a bigger and better partnership plan for both parties.

Account management

Becoming a Affalliance Affiliates partner is easy. You get all the important tools without facing complicated statistics. You can simply monitor, analyze, and adjust accordingly to your current campaigns. Do all of that in just a few clicks. All of this is possible thanks to the intuitive interface and state-of-the art systems. In addition, you get support from knowledgeable Bitcoin affiliate managers whenever you require assistance. Ask for Bitcoin affiliate marketing tools like banners, bonus offers, and other materials that can make your sites even more attractive to new players.

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  • BoVegas Affiliate Program – Bringing the action of Las Vegas experiences to your screens is BoVegas. Luckily for you, it’s also a partner brand of Affalliance Affiliates. Start promoting and expect huge collections every month.